Thursday, June 10, 2010

Should have never had the yogurt

I was starving tonight and there is nothing really in the house for me to eat. I decided to grab a yogurt. Now the last time I had yogurt was weeks ago. It didn't go well. Well nothing has changed. I was so nauseous after eating, I had to take a Pepto. I still don't feel great, but I am better than I was.

The last two days have been a whirlwind. At 11:30 am, the two children arrived at our homestead. I was grateful Bill offered to come home for 10:00 am. Before we knew it, we went from organized chaos to out of control chaos. The little guy is 2 and the little girl is 3. The little guy is fairly smart and well behaved. The little girl is all over the place like a Mexican jumping bean. After the social worker left, we went through the various bags they brought to us. We put all the winter clothes in a closet and put all their summer stuff into their new bureaus. Neither of them had a lot. Bill brought out Ping's tub of clothes and since they fit her, we put them in her drawers. She was tickled pink. Ping cried like crazy saying that these outfits were some of her very favorite outfits. I explained to Ping that the clothes were being borrowed and not taken out of the house. She seemed content once I said that over and over again.

Once the clothes were put away, we went through the toys and put those all in one area with the exception of the books and stuffed animals. We then headed out to Target and Babies R Us. Taking three kids to the store is a nightmare, especially when they are not home grown. The little girl ran all over the store and picked up everything in sight. She wanted in the cart and then out and then in and then out. At one point, someone said "Is that Shayla?" It was Miss Dixon, Shayla's preschool teacher. She said she could recognize that voice anywhere. So Miss Dixon got to meet the kids that she knew were coming to the house. After we finished shopping at Target, we went to Babies and got a few more things. We then came home, gave them dinner and put them to bed. Putting them to bed was a huge nightmare. The little guy went straight to bed. The little girl wanted to sleep in three different beds. She had tantrums and crying fits. Then Ping started crying hysterically because she was being blamed for things and she is so sensitive when others cry. It was a 2 1/2 hour nightmare. Finally, they were all asleep. I came back downstairs to do a few things and then went back to bed. Needless to say, I was beat.

Today was an okay day. They all woke up while I was sleeping. Bill got up and showered. Ping got dressed and I asked Ping to help her foster sister. I changed the little man and got him dressed. We then went off to school. The little girl was so upset she didn't have preschool. We came home and I fed them breakfast. I then proceeded to make a few phone calls. That was a disaster. The kids found the Windex and Shout out spray. They proceeded to spray the entire family room. I kid you not. The entire room and the walls and the little kitchen that they were playing with. I seriously was watching them, but stepped away for a few minutes to talk quietly on the phone. They were happily playing and all was fine. How they found the spray stuff is beyond me. What a mess. I cleaned up most of it and shut the door. I can't watch the kids and clean adequately. Before I knew it, we had to go and get Ping. We then came home and spent the day here. I fed them lunch and then put the little guy down for a nap. I had his sister spend some quiet time in her room reading and had Ping watch a movie. I had a few emails to catch up on and a few phone calls. Quiet time was over way too fast.

At one point, the little girl pulled down the soap dispenser and it hit the Swarovski crystal sink and broke the stone on the top of the faucet. That was really disheartening. Earlier, the little guy pulled a jack out of the wall. I feel like the house is being destroyed, but I know it's not intentional. Just heart breaking. The sink is not replaceable as they went out of business years ago and so the product is long gone.

Bill came home early after calling me and assuming I was coming unglued. I suppose the assumption wasn't far off. At the point he called, they did something bad. I don't remember which child and what happened, but I had to hang up on Bill. I told him not to come home early, but he did by a 1/2 an hour. The kids immediately kissed and hugged him and begged for a bath. So they all got a bath. That was a messy endeavor!

After baths, hair brushing, diapers, Pull Ups, pajamas and finger and toe nail cutting, we all came downstairs and Daddy cooked. The two little ones had fish sticks and corn. Ping had corn and dumplings. They polished off their dinner and had little lollipops. Then we tried to get them to sit and watch a little TV, but that didn't go well. The two don't know how to sit to save their lives. Before we knew it, it was bed time. NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!! We read a book, tucked them in with many tears from the girls again. Ping is miserable that the little girl is so upset and the little girl is so upset because she is scared and lonely. A lot of change has happened to these two. It's hard. It was a much better night than last. Bill and I even passed out on the bed waiting to make sure they were asleep. We got back up about two hours later. That is when I decided to have that awful yogurt!!!!!

Bill just went to bed because Ping came down looking for him. I wanted to catch up here. Now I am going to tidy up a little and head up myself. Stay tuned for more adventures of being a mom to three.

Mama Out!!!!!!


Lesley said...

(((Jill))) I can't imagine what the two newest ones have been through and the instability in their lives. I'm sure they will quickly see how loving your home is and will relax and go with the program. I got tired just reading about your day! :)

BradM said...

How are the Kitties Adjusting?