Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another weekend gone by too quickly

Yesterday, we took the three children to my cousin Ben's home in Hubbardston. He finally has finished up his cardiology fellowship, so he had a big 500 person bash to celebrate. We had a great time. They had two bouncy houses and an obstacle course for the kids, a band and the BBQ was catered. I had a popsicle that I thought would be great, but it backfired. I ended up vomiting after having it. I don't think many noticed as I was sitting there on the grass, but it was still embarrassing, never mind just gross. Bill was a trouper. He picked it up and walked off with it before I could blink my eyes. I was so grateful that he did that for me. Despite that small issue, we had a lot of fun and so did the kids. The weather could not have been any better for an outside party.

Today we didn't do all that much. I took the kids to the playground, while Bill did a few errands. I had him drop me off because it looked beautiful outside and so I thought the rain was still a little ways off. I couldn't have been more wrong. After a short period of time, it down poured. The four of us took shelter near the school, the the rain was so bad, it came in sideways and we were not protected at all. I was soaking wet as were the kids, my purse and the diaper bag. It was miserable. We all came home and stripped and changed into another set of clothes. Bill decided on making spaghetti which is never wise with kids. So after they ate, they all had to strip again and put on new clothes. Every single one of them was marked by sauce. UGH. The angel hair pasta looked so good, that I chose to partake in three bites. Bad idea yet again. I ended up throwing up everything. I was so displeased. It is what it is I guess. Sometimes things don't sit with me. However, this throw up thing is new. I think I have a possible solution, so I am working on it now.

Well I am off to post a few photos and to hit the sheets. I am chilled and really tired for some reason. Hope your weekend was divine!

Mama Out!!!!!

On top of the world.

Just jumping off the obstacle course.

View from my seat.

Two bouncy houses.

Prentiss Hill. I own one fifth of this now.

Grandparents burial marker.

Drinking and snacking tent. Didn't go near at all.


2 Emu? I think that is what they are.

Kids. So cute.

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