Monday, June 28, 2010

I want a time out!!!!

It seems like all I do some days is give time outs to the little ones. Today was one of those days. It's been worse though. It's hard when we are home all day. It was super hot out today and I had a few phone calls to make, so we stayed home. It's hard to keep the kids entertained for hours when we are home. While Manny slept, the girls colored and watched a movie. Unfortunately, Yamira is never happy for more than 5 minutes. So I often have to battle her all afternoon. I get tired of it and so does Ping.

I got Manny up around 4ish because he hadn't woken up from his nap. He must have been exhausted. Once he came down, I gave them each something to play with. This one was mad that the other one had what they wanted. When Bill came home around 6 pm after grocery shopping, I dashed upstairs and threw on my swimsuit. I went to water aerobics tonight. It felt good. I felt revitalized by the time I left. When I got home, I could hear Bill trying to wrangle them all in bed. I went upstairs and grabbed Ping and I laid down with her while Bill laid down with the other two. I was told that these kids slept beautifully and went to bed with no issues. That couldn't be further from the truth. They are up before the roosters and putting them to bed is a bitch if you want to know the truth. They don't stay in bed, they talk and sing and Yamira often cries. Very frustrating. I can only hope it improves with time.

Today was our anniversary. We have been married for 7 years. We didn't get anything for each other and we didn't go anywhere. Sort of disappointed about that, but have had zero time to think of things and where can we go with three kids of different ages? I wanted to do a few things, but kids have to be over the age of 4. Oh well. I totally forgot to give Bill his card and he handed mine at 12:12am. Aren't we romantic?

Well off to bed. It won't be long before Yamira is in my face saying "Why are you sleeping Mama?" Who me? Oh no reason, it's just the crack ass of dawn!

Mama Out!!!!!

The are actually sitting. Had to grab the camera quickly.

The cats in refuge. They are not fans of the two new ones in the house.

Happy Anniversary Honey.

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