Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another weekend bites the dust!!!!

I can't believe it is already Sunday night. However, given that the three of us slept all day, I am not all that surprised. I am mad at myself because we had stuff to do! Ugh.

On Friday, Ping and I did what we normally do. We went to school and swim. We stayed home the rest of the day. I wanted to work on my filing project. I got a lot done, but I am not done yet. She wanted to watch Princess Hello Kitty all day! We haven't been feeling the best, so staying in worked for both of us.

Saturday, we had a busy day. We dropped Ping off at Uncle Joe's because he was going to babysit while Bill and I went to Foxwoods in Connecticut. We dropped Ping off around 3:30 and made our way down to Foxwoods to meet Donna and Brad for Donna's 40th birthday. She has never been there and wanted to check it out despite the fact that none of us gamble. We had a great time though. We walked around a bit looking at all the restaurants and then decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe. We then watched Donna play at one slot machine and Brad sat and played Blackjack for a short time. The last time that Bill and I went, they had the quarters come out at the bottom of the slot machine and you would put them back in. Now they are all computerized. Personally I wasn't a fan. It wasn't as interactive and entertaining as it was before. So after watching Donna lose $5.00 to the slot machine and be entertained for 2.2 seconds, we just didn't even bother playing ourselves. Mostly, it was late and Bill really didn't feel great and just wanted to get home to pick up Ping and go to bed. Normally he would have had more fun, but he felt like he had a fever. I completely forgot that you are allowed to smoke at this place, so there was smoking everywhere. Given that we have both been sick and are still sick, smelling the smoke was not a great thing! We headed out a little before 10 pm and went to Joe and Meri's to get our little one.

Meri worked most of the day and because they only have one car at the moment, Joe had to pile both kids into the car to go pick her up at the end of the day. Both of them ended up falling asleep in the back of the car. They then went back home and had pizza. By the time we picked Ping up, it was so late and she had so much fun that she didn't even want to come home with us. She was hugging Uncle Joe and sitting on Meri's lap and said she was staying. She does adore them. She had a wonderful time. Poor thing was exhausted because we didn't get home till after 11:30. Ping and Bill went straight to bed. I stayed up a few more hours before I decided to crawl up the stairs.

Today I woke up to a phone call from Robo and Anita. They want to join us next week for Valentine's Day. We ended up talking way longer than we both wanted to about so many different things. By the time I got off the phone, I was literally worn out. I took a shower, came downstairs, checked on emails, had a quick snack and watched Ping fell apart. She was just so tired. She told us she no longer wanted our cats. She wanted a dog. Meri and Joe have a dog, so she wants a dog now. She was in a foul mood and wasn't being very nice to me which broke my heart. I thought I was going to cry. I was already pretty emotional from the earlier part of the day. Finally Ping cracked and started crying, so she crawled up in my lap and cried until she passed out. Poor baby. So we put her down for a nap on the couch. Bill went out and cleaned my car at my absolute begging. I just wanted him to vaccuum it as it's disgusting with all of Ping's left over crackers and such!!!! I passed out in the chair waiting for Ping to wake up as we all had to go to the store. I woke up to Bill snoring in the other room and Ping saying "I was watching Max and Ruby." That was three hours ago baby!!!! So that was basically our day. What a waste. I got nothing done. Bill is now feeding Ping and I am here catching up on the blog. I have pictures. I will post them now so you can see our fun from yesterday and some decorations we have around the house for the Chinese New Year!!!

Mama Out!!!!

Silly sleepers.

Cute feet. Donna don't look, you hate feet.

Chinese New Year decoration.

Chinese New Year decoration given to us by Phong, Siany and Megan at Christmas time. They were in our travel group.

Little shoes I got last weekend. They are called "Good Luck Shoes." If you say the Chinese words for wall and shoe together, they sound the same as "avoid evil." Therefore, this decoration is hung on a wall to avoid eveil and to bring peace and good luck.

We have arrived.

The outside from looking inside a tunnel we were walking in.

Brad and Donna.

The color changing Indian in the square.


Now he is pink!

Donna and Brad in a cave overlooking a waterfall. Didn't come out great.

Me and Donna and Indian dude.

Bill at dinner.

Brad at dinner talking to my Godchild.

Donna being embarrassed by the wait staff because I told them it was her 40th birthday.

Donna enjoying her 40th celebration sundae.

Donna losing $5.00!

Tired baby.

Me kissing tired baby.

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Lesley said...

Jill - those are the sweetest pics of you and Ping. Love them!