Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I could shoot myself!!!!

I woke up at 8:45 am today. Why????? I never heard my alarms or I never set them last night. I have two alarms and I am usually very good about setting both of them. However, something happened and I never heard them go off. Needless to say, my girl never got to school and I never got to swimming. I felt awful. I felt guilty. I feel like a bad parent. So I got up and showered and got Ping ready and we went out to do a stint of power errands. I was all over today from Worcester, to Holden to Clinton and then to West Boylston. We were gone 2 1/2 hours. Ping slept for the most part.

When I got home, I made a few calls but didn't get very far. Ping wanted to color after we had lunch, so I grabbed her big box of crayons. She was watching TV and coloring and being a good girl. I was at my computer, in the kitchen cleaning out the dishwasher and doing a few other things around the house. She was never really out of my sight as we were on the same floor. Around 4:30 pm, I went into the living room to pick up a little and to sit down. We usually do this around 5:00 pm or so because she likes to hide under the blankets when Daddy comes home. As I was walking into the living room, I saw a trail of black crayon all over the floor, the window and the door. When could she have possibly done that? What is when I went to the bathroom for 2 minutes????? I swear I am going to get the electronic fencing that they have for dogs, so she is contained. Then I am going to make the walls and floor all rubber. She needs like a cell in a prison!!!!! Thank goodness crayon is easily erased with a little cleaner. Years ago our parents didn't have that!!!! It was an easy clean up, but still! Why did she even do it. She had 3,000 pieces of paper next to her????? I asked her, but never did get an answer. I swear, I have a very curious, spicy nut on my hands. I love her to death, but she is a challenge!!!!!

Ping got a wonderful gift in the mail from Ayi Christina. She got an adorable Asian Cabbage Patch doll by the name of Faith Summer. Inside the box were two pictures of Ping from a year ago and a beautiful handwritten note. This CP doll has three ponytails and if you remember some earlier pictures of Ping, she had three ponytails. So this doll reminded Christina of Ping. I was so touched, that I cried. This Cabbage Patch was Christina's before she decided that she wanted to pass it on to Ping. Christina decided to close her application with China due to the awful wait and various other reasons. It broke my heart that she pulled out, but she needed to do so for her sanity and her heart. I support that decision 200%. So in honor of meeting our daughter 1 year ago today, Christina sent this adorable little doll. Thank you sweetie from the bottom of my heart. You continue to amaze me.

Ping and I watched a little TV tonight together because Bill had to go to the Fire Department. Ping was crushed about that. He promised he would be home as soon as he could. So every 2 minutes "Is Daddy home?" I felt bad. All I could say was "No baby, not yet but soon." So we went upstairs at 8:00 pm for some reading and bed, but she wouldn't let me read her books because Daddy reads them and we needed to wait for him! So I asked if she wanted me to sing some of her favorite songs. She did. However, she didn't fall asleep. She just kept asking about Daddy. Finally I heard the car coming in the driveway. I told her to look outside in the driveway. She was so excited. I heard Bill come in and come up the stairs so fast. He jumped into bed and he read her a story. I am such a second class citizen in my own home. Today the 25th is one year and Daddy is still her favorite. It's okay though because she is his favorite too!

Well speaking of Ping, she just came downstairs and crawled into my lap. It is time to pass her to Daddy so that he can carry her back upstairs. I am going to go join them so I can get my butt up tomorrow!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!