Saturday, February 21, 2009

My little sweetie

Ping just came downstairs. It's 1:25 am. She walks into the family room where Bill is snoring and sleeping on the floor next to the hot radiator and says "Daddy, it's time to go to bed." When he doesn't answer, she says "Daddy, it's time to go to bed." Bill jumps up, picks her up and turns the light off. I was in the office. I walked out to give her a kiss. I have never seen him move so fast. The love they have for each other is so endearing. I could light a bomb under him and he wouldn't so much as open an eye. I thought it was so cute and grown up of her to tell him to go to bed which is where he belongs!!!!!

Tonight at dinner, Bill had some soup. Ping has to stir it and literally blow on each spoonful for Daddy. If he doesn't eat it fast enough and gets caught up in conversation, she says "Daddy!!!!" It's so funny. In the very beginning after she put the crackers in her soup, she blew so hard on the hot soup that a cracker flew across the table. We all laughed. She gently blew on every single bite from there on out though.

Earlier today she jumped into the comforter that was lying on the floor in the corner. She was sitting straight up and so Bill says to her "Ping, what are you doing?" She said "I am sitting in my nest, tweet tweet!" We just cracked up laughing. We do that a lot around here. She does the funniest things all the time.

I forgot to mention that yesterday Ping was talking to me. I was at the computer and caught up in something. I was not paying attention to her at all because she was just babbling, but I was pretending that I was. She finally walked over to me, snuggled into my side and said "Mama, you are not listening to me!" She caught me! Oops. I told her that I was very sorry and that she was right. I was too caught up in what I was doing and not paying her the proper attention. She is too damn smart sometimes!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

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Christina said...

How sweet! You all make such a nice family!