Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

Yesterday after swim and school, I had an appointment with my sleep doctor. It's a waste of time. She is very nice, but she literally asks me how my sleep is going, tells me that I need a lot more sleep and that she will see me in a year. Thanks doc!

The rest of the afternoon was spent puttering around here. I wanted to leave by 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm to drive to Boston. I had a ticket to see John Edward and it started at 7:00 pm. One traffic accident and I could sit on the Mass Pike for hours. So I figured I would just go early. Some people went at 11:00 am!!!!! Truly it does not matter where you sit when it comes to seeing him. For those of you who don't know John Edward, he is a psychic medium. He does a show on TV called Crossing Over. He basically talks to people who have crossed over. I was hoping to talk to my parents. Anyway, if he is going to read you, he is going to read you. It doesn't matter if you are in the front or the last row!!!!!! So I left early so that I could find my way in the dark and avoid major traffic. I also had to find a place to park in Boston. None of this is fun. I don't particularly love driving to Boston alone, but I will do it. I have done it many times. A lot of my girlfriends will not drive alone. They are afraid. I don't blame them. I am afraid too, but I do it. Due to the expense of the ticket, I only bought one. Bill would have liked to go, but he didn't care if he went. A friend of mine from an adoption forum I have belonged to for years was also interested in going. She lives in Mass as well, but we have never met. It's amazing that you can talk to these women on this forum for years and never have the chance to meet them! Everyone is from all over. Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Oklahoma, etc!!!! There is only one other from Mass and we were about to meet. So I pulled into the garage and called Marjorie. She was already there and standing in line. The line was gigantic. There were 500 people who had tickets. I guessed 200. I had no clue it was going to be so big!!!! That was pretty disappointing. You never know if you are going to be read, but the odds aren't good when there are 500 people!

So I found the elevator and headed for this huge line. Marjorie saw me coming. We hugged and immediately started chatting. We have so much in common and we know a lot about each other even though we have never met. She has three gorgeous boys and is waiting on a precious girl from China. She knows all about Ping and our struggle to adopt. It's so nice to talk to people who have either been through the process or who are going through it. They truly get it! So the line eventually gets moving and we file into this theater. It wasn't huge. It was fairly intimate. The lights were awful. Very bright. However, you didn't feel like you were really far away. We could see John Edward perfectly! He is a funny guy. You may know that already if you have seen his show or have read any of his books. He comes out and gives some instructions. Basically he explains how things will work. It was a whirlwind! It was a really interesting two hours. I will say that the seats were horrendous for me. I was very uncomfortable. I think others were too. However, clearly my weight made it hard to sit comfortably!

There were maybe 10 readings? Some of them were great. Some weren't as riveting. He talked to one woman who had lost her young husband in a scuba diving accident. He drowned. She has since remarried and has children. She is currently pregnant and the husband that had crossed over wished her luck with her new baby. That is pretty cool and very touching. There was a family of three women who got to hear from their husband/dad. He had passed in the middle of the night, so there was no goodbye. There was another woman who heard from her 7 year old daughter that died. That was very amazing. There was another one that was for a woman and the one passed over said hello to a little boy. She doesn't have one. She isn't pregnant. Then her friend or family member said that maybe it had to do with the fact that she wants to adopt. She will most definitely have a boy. He is already on order for her per John and the crossed over loved one. That was neat as well!!!!! At one point I thought he was somewhat talking about me. Actually twice. Once he mentioned someone by the name of Chip. That was what my Dad was called. Another one had 4 or so similarities. One was a J name and the month of April which is when my birthday is. There were some other things that sounded like it would be for me, but I can't remember what they were. All in all it was an interesting evening.

We left around 9:30 pm or so. Marjorie and I took two horrendous photos and went along our way. We were both exhausted and I had a long drive. Plus Bill is on call this week and had someone covering for him, but only for 2 hours! By the time I got home, I just wanted to crawl upstairs but I was hungry. I fell asleep in the chair and didn't get upstairs till 2:00 am! Then we lost power for a minute. So odd!!!!!!

Today I went to swim and basically didn't do much but float. I couldn't shake my groggy feeling. We spent the entire day at home. Right after I hung up our jackets, my uncle John pulled into the driveway with his two grandchildren. He stopped to say hello and for the kids to meet Ping. We didn't talk long as he had to get the kids done, but they ran around together having a good time for 30 or so minutes. It was nice to see him. I wanted to go out and do a few things today, but I just couldn't. I ended up accomplishing so much today, so I am very proud of myself. I ordered some photos I needed to order. I wrote a letter regarding the parking ticket I got the other day. I neatened up my desk. I made some calls. I ordered some stuff I needed to do. I did some filing. Basically, instead of crawling onto my chair as I intended, I pushed through the drowsiness and accomplished a boatload!!!!! Yay me.

Well that is all for today folks. I hope you are well!!!!


Mama Out!!!!

Hi Mama!


Me with Marjorie at John Edward. Awful picture of me.


Ping fell asleep while watching TV. She never does that!

Baby in her nest.

Mama feed us.

Look at Sasha's eyes. She is in the back.


Mama, look at my hat. Oh, so that is why you are naked!!!!!

Just call me cutie patootie.

I'm a leg breaker.

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