Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Not much to share right now. Yesterday I had an appointment in the afternoon to see about a new CPAP mask. I am going to try a smaller one. The one I have is very noisy because air escapes! So after school and swim, we headed to that appointment for me. When Bill got home, we went to Walmart. Exciting, no????

Today I had our last post placement visit with our social worker. It's nearly been a year that Ping has been with us now. Hard to believe. So right after school we headed over to JC's (social worker) office. We were there a little over two hours. Ping colored the entire time. She was so well behaved. I was really proud of her. When we left, I saw that I had a parking ticket!!!! What the heck???? It said I was in a crossing area? Really, with all that snow???? So I took a picture with my cell phone. I am appealing it!

After having some lunch, I had incredible stomach pains. Very odd. I could barely walk. They went away about an hour later, but I thought I was going to die!!!! I have never had this type of stomach issue before. I am glad it went away quickly. I skipped dinner tonight. Didn't need an encore!!!!!! Bill had the fire department tonight so Ping screamed bloody murder because Daddy was leaving her. It broke her heart he couldn't read to her. I thought for sure it was going to be a tough evening, but she was so damn tired, that after we read books and I sang to her, she passed out. No crying or anything. Bill came home minutes later. Daddy promised he would read to her if he got home early enough, so Ping kept asking "is Daddy home????"

Yesterday Ping was excited that we were going shopping at night. Not sure why. Occasionally she really wants to go shopping. So she says to me in the car earlier on the way to our appointment "we going shopping." I said "not now baby, but tonight." "Daddy coming?" "Yes baby, Daddy, Mama and Ping are all shopping tonight as a family." Ping says "peanuts Mama, we need more peanuts." I know it doesn't sound funny or cute, but I thought it was hysterical. She is so aware of things when we run out of them. She was so mad there were no more lemons the other night. What she is really talking about is lemonade. I finally said "I am sorry sweetie, but there are no more lemons, do you want me to start squeezing them????" I just got a "yeah!" She will often say "Mama buy some, Mama buy some or Daddy buy some, Daddy buy some." So she knew her peanut stash was low. Daddy and her have a peanut problem. When Daddy gets home, the two have to have peanuts together!!!!!

I was telling our social worker today that Ping had a lollipop in her hand yesterday. I said "where is your pop kill?" That is what she calls them! She said "I don't know." She is laughing, smiling and holding one hand behind her back. I said "Let me see the other hand baby." So she swapped her hands. This went back and forth. I said "Show me both your hands." She said "ah AH," That no thing that people do. Not sure how to spell it. Anyhoo, she was having a grand old time being coy. JC said that it's a sign of intelligence that she can do that. Okay, works for me:) I just thought it was cute that at this age, she can be playful and fun like that. She amazes me daily!

Well time to run. I need to get to bed. I am going into Boston to see John Edward tomorrow. Need my rest!!!!!

I hope you are well!!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

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