Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday and Valentine's Day

Yesterday we did nothing. I mean NOTHING. Ping watched Valentine's Day specials on TV and I sat at the computer and did a few things. I hate wasting a day like that. I feel like I was in a coma for most of the day. I hate when I just stare off into space. So a fairly unproductive day to say the least.

Today was a much better day. We got up at 8:15 am which is a tad early for me. I gave Ping her card and Daddy his card. Ping also got some heart shaped lollipops and a My Little Pony that had a heart on it's bottom. Bill gave me a great card from him and a great one from Ping. I got some chocolates too. Ping was thrilled with her stuff. She was really excited because she was putting a special dress on for today! We had to be into Boston for 11 am so we quickly got ready. As a special Valentine's Day treat, I booked us reservations on the Odyssey diner boat for a nice brunch. We got there on time, parked, collected our tickets and boarded the boat. We were given fabulous seats. I was so pleased. Anita and Robo who decided last week that they wanted to join us, met us there about 15 minutes later. Anita brought me some heart shaped chocolates and a great mug that says "I Love My Cat" on it. She couldn't find one that said "Cats" since we have three. LOL. It was so thoughtful of her to get me these things though. I was so touched!!!! We had such a nice time. It was cold and windy, but clear out and so we could really enjoy the sights. The buffet was fabulous. I am not a fan of buffets for many reasons, but this one was really great. Buffets used to bother my Dad. I think I am inheriting that fear! A lot of people are gross and don't wash their hands after they use the restroom or sneeze. So I never feel like it's sanitary. That and the food has been sneezed and coughed on from those who have colds. Lucky us!!!!! Anyway, they had a wonderful assortment of things. There were breakfast items and lunch items and a nice array of desserts.

Every woman was given a rose to take home. They were wrapped up in plastic with Babies Breath and a water plug at the end. I thought that was great considering I thought we would get stuck holding onto a single rose for the entire trip. When we got there, they took some photos of us. I will scan them in. We had one taken of just the three of us and then one with Anita and Robo. I wanted a family shot. Both photos came out nicely. They were not included in the price of the cruise, but I didn't care. They were nice mementos of our day.

Ping was the only child of her age on the boat. She sat between Bill and myself. She was bouncing a bit between the two of us because it's hard to sit for three hours, but I think she did fabulously and nobody seemed to mind that there was a young one around. I really wanted to take her somewhere nice for the holiday and this fit the bill perfectly. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We docked at 2 pm and then came straight home. Bill is suffering with sinus issues and we were all exhausted. He dropped me off and went to get my truck washed because it is gross. Other than that, we slept in the living room while Ping bounced around and watched her favorite programs. They have been upstairs since 8 pm sleeping. I watched a Hallmark movie and then I put all my tax information together. I want to get it all to the accountant on Tuesday. I want it out of my face and done with!!!!!

Before I forget, yesterday we got Ping's original U.S. Citizenship paperwork back from the passport office. Phew. I am now very relieved. However, now I have to turn all originals over to our social worker so they can begin the finalization paperwork. I want to have that done so it will generate a U.S. birth certificate. It will help her in the future to not always have to show the Chinese paperwork. Looking forward to having that behind us. Now we wait on Bill's passport.

Well the tones just went off, so Bill has to run to a call. I just bounced him out of bed. He was in a daze of course. I will upload a boatload of photos now! No pun intended. Stay tuned as I will add Anita's photos to these soon.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mama Out!!!!

Ping's Princess crown from school.

Ping with her gifts.

Showing her gifts.

Sitting like a nice little girl.

Standing in the doorway.



Looking outside.

My darling Anita.

Anita and Robo.

Rowes Wharf Boston.

Surrounding sights.

Bunker Hill.

Lenny Zakim bridge.

Robo and Ping cuddling.

No Robo, this is my Daddy, not yours!!!!

Sweet kisses from his favorite girl.

Hugging Mama.

Castle Island.

Surrounding sights.

Ping outside in the wind.

Anita and Robo with Ping walking around.

Ping sitting up high.

Kissing Daddy's head.

Kissing Anita.

Kissing Anita.

Tuckered Ping.

Great photo, but scan didn't come out great. Anita, Bill, me, Robo and Ping.

The happy family of three.

Anita's photos!

3 of us being blown to bits by the wind.

Me and Anita's hair. LOL.

My dear husband.

Ping and Robo.

Ping hanging out in the wind.


Christina said...

The cruise looks like it was such fun!

Dukie's Mommy said...

The headband looks fantastic with that outfit... I am so glad you guys were able to get some use out of it!