Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a busy vacation this has been so far

Yesterday Ping and I were busy beavers!!!!!! I set the alarm for 8:30 am. I woke up and discovered I had an odd dream. As I was trying to remember it, I passed back out. I hadn't slept well the night before. When I woke up 45 minutes later, I sprang to the top of the stairs and yelled downstairs for Ping. She appeared at the bottom of the steps. Well my darling daughter decided to take it upon herself to find the black Sharpie in my office while I was sleeping. What a sweetie!!!!! So she literally colored her entire forearms, wrists and hands!!!!!!! Mind you, I was already up later than I had planned. Now I had to contend with this, the number she did on my desk and sticky notes, etc. So I cleaned the place up and tried to clean her. It didn't work so well. I finally handed her a facecloth with soap and jumped in the shower. I figured she could do a better job and I wouldn't hurt her by scrubbing so hard. She got 98% of it off. She did great, she really did. So I got dressed, got her dressed and we dashed out the door.

Originally I was going to take her to the Backyard Adventures for 10 am, but we got there for 11 am. Not a big deal. We were only an hour late. It actually worked out well as it was a zoo when we got there. The place isn't big, so the fewer kids, the better. I met up with a few women I know and Ping ran around like a crazy lady! I observed Ping shoving a girl to get past her. It wasn't intentionally mean, she just moved her out of the way. So the girl starts yelling "it's not nice to push." I immediately addressed it with Ping. I don't want her to be obnoxious. So the girl goes to carry on with it and I basically shut her right up. I said "I know what happened, we apologize, I have already addressed it." It wasn't necessary to drag it out!!!! For the most part, Ping plays very well with others. She has her moments though. At 1:00 pm, we headed out because we had plans at 2:00 pm at our library. Flippo the Clown was performing in the basement of the library! Well Ping passed out in the car. That didn't surprise me. She had a few snacks as I drove and then passed out. For about 45 minutes of the hour show, she stared at Flippo in a coma. It was pretty hysterical. A lot of her classmates were there and they were all yelliing "Shayla is here, there is Shayla, hi Shayla." She didn't move a muscle. She just clung to me! I decided to get a library card after the show. Ping stood next to me, but then moved over to a table and chair. Not a big deal in my mind. Well all of a sudden, one of the librarians ask if that is my little girl. So I say yes and she goes on to say "well she just destroyed a puzzle that some people just finished." So I profusely apologize, scold Ping and lead her away. There were a few people making a big deal out of it. I said to the librarian in front of me "it's a puzzle, she loves them and didn't know that she wasn't allowed to touch it." The librarian didn't get all the fuss from everyone. She seemed irked as well. I walked out of there pissed off. I don't get it. It's a freaking puzzle. People come in and do a few pieces and go along their merry way. Puzzles are meant to be disassembled and then reassembled. So what if someone just finished it. It's not their puzzle!!!! It's the library puzzle. Why can't Ping come along and do a few pieces. Mind you, she didn't break off that many pieces. I was really quite angry when I walked out of there. I felt like I was made to look like I wasn't watching Ping and I was. She was sitting at a desk behind my ass to the right. I could see her and thought she was fine. If that ever happens again, I will say something. The puzzle is for all guests to enjoy. Am I wrong here?????

So after that debacle, we headed to my dentist to grab something and then to Target because I needed to pick up some pictures I had developed. At this point, it's nearing 5:00 pm, so I called Bill and had him meet us for dinner. I had nothing but water all day and I was starting to be miserable. So after a quick dinner, we headed home. Guess who Ping wanted to ride home with? DADDY! I spend a wonderful day with her and she wants her Daddy!!!!! Just throw me under the bus kid. It was so cute though. She gave me a kiss and said "Mommy, I am going to miss you." That melted my heart.

When we got home, we put her new $5.00 video on. Bill curled up on the couch and watched it with her. I sat and stared into the computer like I was in a coma. I was so damn tired at that point!!!!!

It was a great day. Ping had a blast and that is all that really counts in the end!!!!!!

Today we had a milder day. We had a lunch date with Michelle who I know from when I worked at WPI and then I had to drop off our taxes to the accountant. I wanted those to be long gone so I no longer had to think of them!!!!!! Lunch was great, but too quick! After the tax drop off, I came home to do a few things here. Before I knew it, Bill was home!!!! Tomorrow we have another busy day and then Friday we do as well. I never thought I would book up February vacation like this. It's like a whirlwind, but it's all good!

I am going to upload some photos now from our two days!

I hope you are well!

Mama Out!!!!!


Climbing up.

Very cool photo I thought!

Get out of my house!

Down the steps.

Flippo the Clown.

Flippo doing a trick.

Lunch with Michelle.

Watching her new video intently.

Hmmm, a pepperoni eating Mary?

Eating in the living room is downright illegal!!!!!! She moved to the table real quick once I discovered what she was doing!

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Christina said...

You would not think of yelling at a saint, would you? LOL, do you think she was trying to hide under the blanket? Love the expression!

Her hair is growing back nicely--you really can't tell anymore about the scissor debacle.

Puzzle in the library is public tax-payer property! You pay taxes so your kid can touch it!