Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing new here. That isn't a bad thing.

Yesterday I slept in and let Daddy and Ping get up and have fun by themselves. Ping loves having her Daddy to herself and I love having the bed to myself. She usually starts hounding him around 7:30 am or 8:00 am. She is usually looking for breakfast. Yesterday she was dying for pepperoni. I told Bill that pepperoni isn't a breakfast food, but she really, really wanted it per him. So? There is no reasoning with those two.

When I finally rolled out of bed, I paid bills and did a few things at my desk. Our big afternoon excursion was to Walmart. Hardly a fun day. It was pouring out, so who wants to be out in that anyway?

Today I had plans to take her out to play at an indoor play place. To be honest, I was tired and I know she had to be tired. She barely slept last night. Every time I looked at her, she had her eyes open. So I decided to scrap the day out and just stay home. Ping colored and played with her new Build A Bear Kitty and I worked at my desk. I dropped off my taxes, but some information is still needed so I had to address that. I also had another 4 or so business calls to make. I did that and basically prepared stuff for errands tomorrow. Donna always says to me "what are these errands you are always doing?" So I will tell you Donna so you don't have to ask! I have to go to the post office, the UPS place, the social worker's office and the accountants to drop something off. I also have to make another couple of calls. I feel good when I have days like this. I accomplished a lot and there is great satisfaction in that. When I don't accomplish something in a day, it's a waste of a day. I learned that from my parents. Many don't agree, but that was my training, what can I say??? My Dad was a workaholic. He loved to work. When he wasn't working at work he was working at home. He never sat. Neither did my Mom. She worked, but when she wasn't working, she was cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, paying bills, doing errands, etc. I am sure she felt she needed to keep up with my Dad. I have to say that my parents were also the first born children in their family, so they were taught to be ultra responsible. They were sweet enough to pass that on to me! It's a curse I tell ya! I don't get it, with all the running around I do, why aren't I majorly stick thin?

I did run out for a quick pedicure when Bill got home. It's cheap and it's quick and I go once every two months. I am in the pool most days, so I don't want my feet looking awful. However, the real reason why I do it is to keep my feet in shape. The Lymphedema that I have does a number on my toenails. I have to be very careful not to cut them because an infection could be extremely dangerous. So having someone do them has become more of a necessity. Sadly, all I wear is stupid sneakers because it's the only thing my feet fit in with all the swelling I have, so it's not like anyone sees the pretty polish on my tootsies!!!!!

After getting home and cleaning up some, I headed upstairs with Bill to try our new saline sinus cleansers. My doctor has suggested that I get a Saline Lavage for some time now. I know a lot of people use Neti-pots to clear out their sinues. Frankly, I have not wanted to get one at all. I knew the sensation would be awful, so I hadn't addressed getting one. However, yesterday I bought two. Both of us have been suffering from headaches and colds, etc., so I bucked up and got one for each of us. So I told Bill that we should bond upstairs in our bathroom over our double sinks and do this together!!!! Is that not love???? So up he went with Ping and the warm water and I followed a few minutes later. He already did it by the time I got up there. I was like "why didn't you wait?????" I was hesitant about doing this. I don't know why, but I wasn't keen with putting water up my nose!!!!! I didn't want to swallow it and get a sore throat. That was a fear I had. Not sure why. So Bill proceeds to tell me it's nothing, but you do feel like you are drowning. Really? That is just SWELL! So the fear that I have had is being realized!!!!! I did it thought. Of course Bill laughed at me. Ping would come over to me and yell in my face "Hi Mama!!!!" I said to Bill that I felt like I needed concentration and he, Ping and the two cats needed to step away from me!!!!!! So I put the water up my nose and let it drain out the other. Getting the picture? I kept coughing and spitting. Bill was beside himself laughing at me. It was kind of funny. I was so determined to not let anything be swallowed, that I was hacking and spitting. Bill said he immediately noticed the results and I have to say that I do as well. I did it at 8:00 pm and not it's 1:00 am. I feel like my sinuses have been completely opened. It's really cool. So now that I have explained how wonderful it is, run out and get yourself a Neti-pot, okay? Enjoy!

Well it's time for me to hit the hay. I hope you are well.

Mama Out!!!

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