Monday, February 16, 2009

Two out of three must move out of my house!!!!!!

I live with slobs. If they want to apply for Section 8 housing, I would be more than happy to pack their bags!!!!!!!

Yesterday I got up and decided to finally rip apart my walk in closet. I am sick of the dust that lies on top of the shelving over my clothes. I took it all down and cleaned it. At some point, Bill came upstairs and assisted me. It was a big job. It looks so much better, but it literally took hours. By the time I was finished, both of us were growling at each other. I had a headache, the dust was killing both of us and we were hungry. I also tackles Ping's shoes and dresses in her closet AGAIN. It is a constant battle to keep it neat. Do you ever feel that you clean out junk and it just gets moved to another place? I didn't feel very satisfied after all the cleaning we did. I swear nothing ever exits, it just moves so that it can clog another area!!!!! The whole house needs a bombing. I have a lot of stuff that shouldn't be thrown away as it's brand new!!!!! However, I don't know if I will ever use the stuff.

The rest of the afternoon was spent puttering around the house. I did soak for nearly 2 hours in my tub last night. I haven't gotten in that tub since before Ping came home. I am not sure how far before we went to get Ping that I had gotten into it. It's probably been 1 1/2 or so. I did a ton of reading. I am trying to finish up a book so I can get it back to Sarah. I am nearly done!!!!!!!

Today I have been doing a lot of cleaning as well. We have a busy school vacation week planned so I wanted to get a lot done this weekend and today so that we can enjoy the rest of the week. It's hard to clean and run around on the same day!!!!! Ping right now is undoing what I have done. Someone sign me up for the looney bin please?

Added a few more cruise photos below.

Mama Out!

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