Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank goodness this vacation is over!!!!!!

I honestly don't get it. I am exhausted. I have gotten up early all week long despite that it's vacation. Why? Well it's because my darling daughter gets into everything!!!!! So this morning, she gets up and heads downstairs to "watch TV." I tell her not to touch anything. She says she won't. So I stayed in bed for another 15 minutes. Not sleeping, but just thinking out my day. I also woke up with a terrible headache. I just didn't even want to move my head. After a short period of time, Ping runs in my room and into my bathroom. I ask her what she is doing. She is doing nothing yet her hands are behind her back!!! So I said "show me your hands please." She just looked at me so very sheepishly. So I asked her if she was making a mess. She said she was not making a mess. She then said "Ping don't touch Mama's desk." I told her that she was right and she shouldn't touch my desk. She is well aware of this. However, she must have had a temporary lapse in memory. This dear girl got into a full bottle of White Out. I was so mad. There was no need for her to get into it. She was only downstairs for minutes. Mind you, I can hear her walking around, so I wasn't concerned. So I flew down the stairs and found White Out all over my desk, calculator, paperwork and a few other things. Never mind her hands that were covered. Now for those that are familiar with White Out, you know it's nearly impossible to get off your hands!!!!! First I got it off my desk. That took some time. Then I began working on her hands. It took 2 freaking hours to get it off of everything. In the meantime, we both were getting it all over our pajamas and such. So I decided to strip us down. Now this wouldn't be a big deal, but I don't walk around in my pajamas never mind naked!!!!! In addition, I have glass doors! However, nobody comes to the house and oil was recently delivered, so I wasn't concerned. However, I remembered the last time I was downstairs with no clothes on, someone actually came to the damn door!

In addition to Ping getting the stuff on her hands from her wrists down to her fingernails, she also got it in her hair and in her ear and some down into the canal. She must have had an itch!!!!!! So after I finished up her hands, I moved her to my office so that I could wash her ear. We were only in the office for 2 minutes when the freaking doorbell rang!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Here we are, two naked chicks hiding in the office which has a window on one side and a door on the other. Ping kept saying "Mama, who is it, is it the A bors?" She means the neighbors:) Well all I could see was that it was a man. I kept peering around the corner. When I finally saw him walk away, I ran into the living room and hid while I told Ping to sit in my office and not move a muscle. There was a car in my driveway and two men with briefcases. So I watched them leave and go onto the next neighbor's house. It was the "JP" people. I have not seen this religious group go door to door in years! I have never encountered them here at all. Of all freaking days!!!!!!! Needless to say, I had a terrible morning.

I cancelled our morning plans because we would have been really late getting to them. This afternoon I was supposed to take her to a make your own sundae event, but because my head was absolutely pounding and we were so tired, we stayed home. I sat for a little while with an ice pack on my head. It improved, but only slightly.

Bill came home around 5:00 pm and we headed out to meet Meri, Joe and Lucas. We made plans to go to Build A Bear in Natick and then to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Ping stuffed a kitty and picked out a cute dress for her. She got shoes for her and a cat bed. I thought the cat bed was unreasonable, but Bill insisted we get it. He didn't have much as a kid is what he said. Whatever Mr. Rock E Feller!!!! That is what I call him when I think he is unreasonably spending money we don't need to. Did the cat really need a pink bed???? I am waiting for the regular pussy cats in the house to claim it! After stuffing the bear and Lucas stuffing a dinosaur and a doggie for his new baby brother to be, we went to dinner! The wait was about 40 or so minutes. They don't have a child's menu or a safety glass or cup for the kids to drink out of. We all thought that was odd. Ping had a little rice and literally passed out in the booth. Talk about a tired chica!!!!! I had a chicken sandwich and Bill had a chicken and rice meal. He then had banana cheesecake. I didn't eat cheesecake as I was stuffed! I did bring home a piece though. I am not even a fan of cheesecake. I find it's very rich and heavy!!!!!! Anyway, we had a great time. Now Ping and Bill are asleep and I am going to go join them.

Christina, thank you for your kind comments. I try to take Ping to as many things as I am able to. I want her to remember her childhood fondly. I want her to have good memories like we do. Hopefully she will pass this on to her family if she chooses to have one.

One final thing before I go, please say a prayer for my friends Sarah, Brad and Sarah's mom. Sarah's mom is very ill and they are only providing her with comfort measures at this time. I am so very sad for them. Thank you!

Meri has some photos, so I will be adding those when she sends them to me. For now, here are mine. Never did get one with the two kids:(

Mama Out!!!

Computer screen with White Out.

White Out on my desk. It was so thick.

White Out on her hands. If you could only see how thick it was.

Her kitty before she was stuffed.

Lucas holding his dinosaur.

The stuffing.

Ping stuffing her kitty.

Sewing kitty up.

Giving kitty a bath.

Daddy giving the kitty a bath while she holds down the pedal.

Naming kitty. Princess Ping is what was chosen.

Passed out Ping at dinner.

Our sleeping baby.

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Christina said...

Not every friend could say that they got naked for me on my birthday, LOL. Great story!