Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The sickness that never ends here!!!!!

I am truly sick of being sick. Ping gets a cold and after about 10 days or so it gets better. She has maybe three or so days off and gets it again!!!!!!!! They say the first year in school is the toughest. She also came from a very polluted Province, so it's no wonder she is catching everything. I am sure her lungs were not that great before we brought her home. However, as I mentioned before, I keep getting what she has. Now Bill has. So because Bill has it, the world has completely come to a screeching halt!!!!!!! It's amazing how I still have to get up every day and get Ping ready for school, dropped off, picked up, fed, supervised, etc. We stayed home again today after swimming and school based on the fact that neither of us are in tip top shape!

Bill comes home from work and goes into the family room. About an hour or so later he comes out and says "I am sooooo sick with a chest cold that I caught from Ping." Really sweetie? Welcome to the club. That is why I haven't talked in my own voice for days! Somehow I manage to trudge on though!!!!! Needless to say the trash has yet to be taken out, the family room has seen itself neater and I am left holding the bag. Amazing what strength one can get from Tylenol. He really should try it!!!!!!! UGH. To say I am frustrated with my hubby is a divine understatement. Maybe I shouldn't share this here, but this is an honest account of my life with my family. Others may not feel comfortable sharing, but I know there are a fair number of people who are saying "yeah why is it that men fall down flat when they get sick???" Why must women trudge on? We are CLEARLY the stronger sex. I am not just saying that either, I truly believe it. I don't care what a man can bench press. Only a woman can handle hormones and still get their job done for the day. When we get sick and I don't mean deathly sick, we still manage to greet the day and make sure life keeps running. Men pick their head up from the pillow and start the day off with whining. This is fairly new to me because the only man I had lived with before Bill was my dad and he never, ever complained. He was never sick and if he was, you never knew it. He was a firm believer in picking yourself up and dusting yourself off and not getting dragged down by what is ailing you.

So right now, Bill is upstairs cuddling with Ping. I am here blogging out of frustration. I do have to run though. I still have to pack her snack, finish up the trash, clean out two barrels and bring them upstairs, feed the cats, get some fresh towels for tomorrow and shut off the lights. Should I go on? There are a few more things I will do on the way to bed. Then I will throw the back of my hand up to my forehead and sigh before going to bed. After all, tomorrow is another day and Mama doesn't get a day off no matter how sick she is!

Mama Out!!!!

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