Thursday, February 26, 2009

Holy Hellion!!!!

After school for Ping and swim for me, we came home. I was about to make a few phone calls when I got a call from Meri. She was heading to Friendly's for lunch and wanted to know if we wanted to accompany her and Lucas. Well Ping was already in her Princess dress and not in the mood to change, but I got her to do so and off we went. Lunch was fine for us, but we wanted to put the children at another table. The two of them were feeding off each other. What one did, the other had to do and so on and so on and SO ON!!!!!! Both children are still alive. They are lucky little devils.

I spent the afternoon making a bunch of phone calls. Our dryer is no longer blowing hot air, so that needs to be fixed. I also had a lot of other calls I had to make. There is always something to do, right? All Ping wanted to do was sit behind me, sit on the desk, screech in my ear and basically annoy me to no end. I was glad when Bill came home. I thought for sure she would go and bug him. However, we ended up both being bugged and yelling at her. Honestly, she seems like she is overtired. She really is a good little girl, but some days are trying!!!!! Today and tonight was one of them. She cried at everything. "I WANT ICE CREAM." "No, no ice cream, you had some at lunch." "WAH!!!!!!!!!!!" "Would you like some yogurt?" "NO, I SAID I WANT ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!" This went on for 2 or so hours. I finally said to Bill at 7:30 pm, "get her to bed." She was just an absolute 3 1/2 year old beast!!!!!! Not sure why she is so tired. We haven't done anything major this week that I can recall. Maybe she just didn't sleep well? Maybe too much running around on the playground at school? Needless to say, she fell asleep pretty quick tonight!!!!!

No pictures from todays lunch. Frankly, I didn't have the energy to beat the two into submission just so they could sit together for a picture! Meri didn't either.

I hope your day with your children (if you have any) was calmer than mine:)

Mama Out!!!!!

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