Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We are all still sick here!

Bill didn't sleep all night so this morning when I woke him up, all he managed to say was "I am not going to work." He had an incredible headache and said he stared at the clock all night long!!!! So of course Ping is perplexed by this whole routine upset and demands an egg for breakfast! LOL. I told her we were going to school and she needed to get ready. Mind you she coughed and rattled all night long. It took forever for me to reign her in, but I finally got her dressed. We all came downstairs because Bill had to call in to work. Getting Ping out the door wasn't easy. She kept saying "Daddy, you no feel well?" It was cute. She also wanted to hang out with him and not leave. I just looked at Bill and said "see what you do when you stay home?" He nodded. Ping thrives on a routine and any little shake up makes her go in another direction!!!!!!

So I dropped Ping off at school and I headed to swim. I felt miserable, but went anyway. It's been hard going every day each week due to snow and school cancellations. I am determined to get in a full week! After I made the bed and showered, I headed back to get the little one! On the way back from swim, I called my doctor in Norwood and booked an appt. to see her. Bill was going to his doctors today and they share an office, so I figured if they could fit me in, I would go too. We kept our doctors when we moved. So to get there, it's an hours drive! They fit me in, so I was thrilled!!!!! I made another appt. for Ping to see her doctor tomorrow. I am determined to kick this sickness out on it's rear. It's not welcome here any longer!!!!! So we left at 3 pm to head to Norwood. My oxygen was somewhat low, so they had me do a few different tests to see what the issue was. I don't feel like my lungs are filled up, but I do feel like my chest is. My voice has been different for days and walking up the stairs feels like a marathon on my lungs!!!!! However, I am not rattling. I got an antibiotic. I then left and went into another room where Bill was with Ping. I had her go with him as she prefers him when we are all together. That and when she does not feel well, she wants Daddy!!!!! Mind you the silly goose said her feet were itchy, so we took her sneakers off. It was that or watch and listen to her cry hysterically. Not kind to do to others while waiting!!!!! So Bill's doctor came in prescribed him cough medicine. Unfortunately, he didn't get antibiotics. Hopefully he doesn't need them! I was hoping we would all be exorcised using the same stuff, you know? Bill's doctor asked him if he regularly exercises. He doesn't. He told her that he walks a lot at work. Yeah? Your point hon? He doesn't regularly exercise!!!! Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect, but I do try to exercise daily. There are times I have had to not exercsise due to some issues, but for the most part, I do exercise!!! Anyway, she told him he wasn't a young Dad and if he wants to stay in this wonderful circle, he needed to get in shape! I was sort of surprised she said that he wasn't a young Dad! I suggested that he start walking in the Spring and to take the little tyke with him:)))) Alone time!!!!! Did I say that? Anyway, he had some blood drawn to have his thyroid checked. That was why he had an appt. in the first place, not because he was sick! While Ping and I sat there, a woman says to me "Ping is a Chinese name." I said "Yes, she is Chinese." I knew this woman was Asian, but I wasn't sure from where. Before you know it, she was asking a million questions. She was really nice. She wanted Ping to call her Ayi, but Ping didn't. Ping didn't pay any attention to her as she was too busy crawling all over the seats in the lab!!! The woman said that Ping plays like a boy as most Chinese girls are very quiet and reserved. We told her we heard that in China as well. We have a boy that likes dresses:) It was great talking with her. She kept saying "She is really the light of your lives, I can tell." Yeah, she is okay. We think we might keep her!!! Kidding. She is more than loved, that is for sure!!!

After leaving we headed for a quick dinner as it was getting late and we still needed to pick up our prescriptions and get Ping into bed at a reasonable hour. The minute we got home, the two fo them went to bed. I said goodnight to both of them as I knew that Bill was never going to return!!!!!! I sat and watched a fantastic movie. I just bawled at the end. "Then She Found Me" is the name of it. It was directed by Helen Hunt. She was also the star in the movie. It was about a lot of different things, but adoption was the main component.

Well it is late and I should head to bed. Not going to feel any better if I don't get some sleep!


Mama Out!!!!!

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