Thursday, February 5, 2009

Freezing and sick still

I took Ping to her doctors appt. right after school today. The doctor said she sounded clear in her lungs which I am grateful for. Surprised, but grateful. The doctor gave us a prescription for antibiotics since this cold and all these bugs have been ongoing! Ping has been running a fever in the evenings too. After the doctors, we hit the local grocery store and then came home.

I am still working on this god awful filing project. The dining room is one big absolute mess! I am overhauling 6 drawers and throwing away things that are 20 years old!!!!! In the middle of working, I hear the door beep. It's Bill coming in at an odd hour. I didn't expect him for another hour. He came in, dropped the mail and his coat and laid in the corner up against the baseboard heater. He said he felt very run down and sick still. I gave him a Gatorade, his cough medicine, a snack and another medication he hasn't taken in the last few weeks because he forgot to call it in!!!! I thought that would spunk him up.

Right around 6 pm, Ping was on her bean bag and tripped over it and bumped her head a little. Nothing bad. She does stuff like this all the time, but because she doesn't feel well, she wanted Daddy to hold her. She crawled up on the couch were he was now laying. She went from crying to snoring in minutes. Talk about a tired baby. That is odd for her to fall asleep like that. She hasn't been sleeping at all though due to coughing. She drooled and her nose dripped all over Bill. It was kind of funny since he was stuck for 2 hours under her! They both went to bed at 8:15 pm. Bill came back down 2 hours later, but Ping started crying again, so he headed back upstairs. He told me to bring the thermometer since she was warm. She was at 102.2 and then 103.2 when I checked again. Needless to say, she had a temp. I gave her some Motrin. Poor thing was barely awake! I called up to Bill a little while ago and she is cooler he said. I was hoping the antibiotic would make her feel better but here it seems like she is worse? I guess I will head up to check on the baby. Plus I need to get to sleep so I can get better too!

I hope you are well and healthy!

Mama Out!!!!!

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