Friday, January 8, 2010

Can't get anything past this child!

I picked up Ping from school and took a left out of the parking lot. Ping immediately started to whine and said "Mama, where are we going? I though we were going home? What are you doing with these shoes." I proceeded to tell her that we were doing a quick errand. The UPS store in Holden is collecting shoes. They are trying to collect 100,000 by mid February. I think that is the date. Anyway, I had a lot of my shoes to donate and Bill had some as well. I tried to explain to Miss Ping that there are people less fortunate than us. This was a fairly long discussion. She told me that her shoes or slippers best not be in one of the two bags!!!! She is not sharing her shoes or slippers. I think it's going to take many years for her to understand why we donate items.

We get to the UPS store and the man helps me put all of the shoes into a big plastic bag. Ping proceeds to say that she is not going to share. She doesn't have to share her toys or her shoes or her slippers or clothes and so on and so forth. She went on and on to the point of embarrassing me. I have told her over and over that it's important that we help people who are less fortunate than us. I know she will get it in time. Hopefully when she is older, she will spear head her own campaign to donate whatever is needed to those that need it the most. However, right now she is being four and she is not sharing, DAMN IT! I wasn't pleased that she carried on like that in front of the gentleman that was trying to help. You could tell he seemed a little bugged by her going on and on. I said to him that she was only four, she was an only child and she will be forced to share whether it be with an additional family member or friends. She has had to share already with school mates and friends. She can be really, really good and generous. She even said the other day that she would share some stuff with a sister if we ever received another family member. Today she was just stuck on not sharing. Oh well.

We spent the afternoon at home until I had to take her to dancing. For the first time, I spoke with another woman there who was really nice. I didn't pay the least bit of attention to how Ping was doing. There is a little screen that we can watch. Sure enough her teacher said that she did wonderful and listened really well. I felt bad for not paying attention. I have paid attention to the entire hour long class for months!!!!! It was really nice to have an adult to talk to while waiting though. I often sit there bored stiff. It's nearly impossible to even read because there are some women that talk really loud in this small place so I can't even concentrate. I hate to say it, but these women annoy the heck out of me. Every single week they have to talk about giving birth to their children. I just want to tell them to find something else to discuss. They are boring me to tears!!!! I am not even being a spoil sport just because I adopted and didn't give birth. I am just sick and tired of hearing the same thing every single week. I just want to scream!!!!!

Well I really should hop up to bed. Ping and Bill went up at 8:00 pm. I guess they will be well rested tomorrow!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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