Friday, January 29, 2010

Where has the day gone?

I dropped Ping off at school and proceeded to come home to make a few phone calls and to answer a few emails. Before I knew it, I had to go back to pick up Ping. Then we had the standard errands to do. CVS, bank, gas station, McDonalds for a child size chocolate shake and the jewelry store to get something cleaned. Ping wasn't happy about the errands of course, but once I said I would take her for a shake, she thought errands were just dandy!!!!! After we went on the sleigh ride last week, we got her a child size strawberry mild shake. She had never had one before. Hooked! So she has been begging for one ever since. I told her that I would take her today after ballet. However, I had some time to kill before going back to CVS, so I drove to the McDonalds down the street and got her a chocolate shake. She has decided that she wants to do a pattern with her shakes. Strawberry and then chocolate and then strawberry. You get the point!

We were not home long before the cable man came. We have been complaining for months and months that there is a line issue. However, Charter never wants to hear it. We know we are not having a computer issue. Finally, after an enormous amount of hours on the phone and techs being dispatched over the last few months, we have found someone who knows what he is doing. He agreed it was a line issue. Supposedly, it will be fixed within a week or so. We shall see! I appreciated his assistance, but he left my floors a dirty and soaking wet mess from his boots! The house was just cleaned, so I was a little disappointed. Oh well, it's not a big deal.

By the time he left, I had to feed Ping. Shortly after we left for her Creative Movement class. Since we have been home, I have been at the computer. That is a good three hours. I have answered all of my emails and have worked on some CASA stuff. I have also booked a car to and from the airport for when we go to Texas. Now I am here getting caught up.

Ping was so cute yesterday. She is cute everyday, but yesterday she said to me "You and Daddy said vows and then you danced at the ball and you were merried?" That is how she says married. I said "Sort of like that honey." I told her that we got married at the church that she goes to Sunday School at. She knows this, but I was reiterating it. She then said "Was the Ball there?" I told her that it was somewhere else and that some day I would take her over there. I need to show her our wedding video. She has never seen it and I know she would love it. The last thing Ping said was "Will you and Daddy say your wedding vows again so I can hear them?" I told her that I had forgotten what they were, but it was something like we loved each other and always will. I just thought it was so sweet that she wanted us to say them so that she could be there and witness them. I guess we will have to go to Hawaii, stand on a cliff and recite them again for an anniversary. Gosh darn it, that is just horrible. What can I say, the child wants to hear them?

Stay warm!

Mama Out!!!!!!

The monkey foot cook.

Why are you looking at me?

I love this bean bag when Ping is not around. I am baking bread with my paws.

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