Monday, January 18, 2010

I just hit a wall today on my projects

I did so much over the last two days that today I couldn't touch a thing. I did clean and do a few things, but nothing really big. I felt bad for wasting the day, but I was just tired of the dust and not knowing where to put things.

Bill went shopping after he used the snow blower for the entire driveway.

Somewhere around 4:30 pm, I sat down with Ping. She was off the walls today. She woke up at 6:00 am and that is very unusual for her. So I think she was really tired this afternoon. When she gets tired, she runs around like a crazy person instead of just sitting and chilling.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Ping was quite creative. She has recently been making a lot of drawings for people and then she wraps them up in a paper towel and tapes them. It's her idea of an envelope. Yesterday she showed me one of the envelopes and I asked her why there were a few wet spots? She said it was glue. She is allowed to use a glue stick, so I didn't think much of it. Around 15 or so minutes later, I hear Bill say to Ping "What are you doing?????" Then I heard him say "Sometimes Ping, you just need to ask yourself if what you are doing is going to make Mommy and Daddy angry?" I had to laugh at this. It was a good way of talking with her, but I just didn't expect it from Bill. So you know what she was doing? Are you ready? She was using hand soap from the bathroom as "glue" to close her paper towel envelopes. Very ingenious of her. I have to give her kudos because she truly is a creative thinker. Needless to say, we had to clean up the mess and throw away the "envelopes." Where does she come up with this stuff?

This morning she wanted to go outside with Daddy when he decided to head out to snow blow. You should have seen the drama. Ping was screaming and yelling and telling us that it wasn't a good idea to go outside without her. It's so hard to keep a straight face with some of the stuff she says. However, if we laugh, she will just get more angry. Bill tried to explain that it was not safe to be outside with him while he is operating the equipment, but she didn't really respect his opinion. She never did go outside. She didn't show any interest later on. I was ready to suit her up and send her out, but it never happened.

I wish I could remember everything that this child says that is funny. I always think I will, but then I get to the blog and can barely remember a thing! So frustrating. Ping has said a lot of funny things over the last few days. One of her biggest things to say is "I don't think so." The other one is "Whatever you say ma'am." She kept saying this to me at the store the other day. Looks like I have trained her to do this, but I haven't. That same day she stuck her butt out and shook it. The elderly man that was watching her just cracked up laughing. I just laughed. It was pretty funny. This child is such a happy girl. I am so glad she is happy and I do hope she is happy because of us and how much we love her.

Mama Out!!!!!!

Silly girl.

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