Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My little one amazes me daily

Yesterday was a very busy day. First day back to school for Ping. I had a few people in the house doing a few things and so I was busy trying to watch the doors so that the cats were safe. I do try to lock them up if I can, but sometimes it's hard. We did have a heating issue, so we did have a repairman here replacing the motor on a damper. By the time I picked up Ping, I felt like it should be early evening!!! We stayed home for the rest of the day. Bill and I had an appointment at home at 6:00 pm. Ping went to bed later than I wanted her too. She is one overtired kitten!

Today was an equally busy day. I was supposed to have my car picked up at 10:30 am to have a few things done with it. I have been trying to get a few things done since August. The appointment has been scheduled and cancelled over 10 times. That is not a typo. I am so angry with the salesman that keeps giving me these lavish promises and never delivers. He was suppose to come yesterday, but cancelled. Then it was today. He never showed up. I called him, but he said he would call me back in 10 minutes. Needless to say, that call never came. I couldn't be bothered to call him or he would have heard a little too much out of my mouth!!!!

Ping and I had a lunch date with a friend of mine. We had a great time. Ping was bouncing off the walls though. She is just so overtired right now. After lunch, we came home and did a few things and then I took her to skating. Skating was crazy. It was the first of the eight weeks and it was overcrowded and there was no ice for her class. It was a mess if you want to know the truth.

Anyway, this is where Ping cracks me up and amazes me. As I have said before, Ping begs me daily for a sister or a sister and a brother. I have to explain nearly daily that it's not easy to adopt. I told her we had a social worker coming to our house on Wednesday and that she is coming to update some information. I have explained to Ping that the social worker is working very hard to find us a new little member for our family. Ping just doesn't understand. It's hard at four years old to really get it. I don't blame her. Breaks my heart though. She said that if our social worker will find us a "new daughter" as Ping calls it, she will share her pepperoni, chicken fingers and let her meet her Daddy. So sweet. Why adopting is so difficult is beyond comprehension for me. Ping really wants a sister that looks like her. We all do. However, that is very, very unlikely to ever happen. We would be very happy to have another child, no matter what and how that child comes to us.

Well off for now. I hope you are staying warm. It's pretty chilly here!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!

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