Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great weekend

Friday was a day off for Ping due to a teacher development day. So I got to sleep in a little. Ping did keep sticking her face in mine while saying "Are you getting up Mama?" I didn't sleep in long as I knew she would be anxious to get on with the day. I did take her to get a shot. She asked if we were going to the "shot" doctor. I told her we were going to her primary care. Try explaining that to a child. She has a primary care, plus an ear doctor, a doctor that looks in her mouth and then she sees a speech person. So she doesn't really get that she has a primary doctor with the exception of thinking that she is just the shot doctor! It was a quick appointment. She cried before the shot once she knew what was up. I gave her a big hug and it was over!

In the afternoon I took her to her Creative Movement class. She does seem to really enjoy it. She calls it her ballet class and she wants to know if she can do big ballet when she is big. She is trying to rush growing up. Don't we all at that age? Then we get to the ages we are now and we would like to go back for the most part. We just want to omit the bad parts. Unfortunately, we can't.

Saturday was busy. We went to the Oasis house at WPI for something called "Hot Pot." Some of the Chinese students that run the Dumpling program was putting on a dinner for us. We have never been and even though I knew it wasn't going to be for me, I knew Bill and Ping would be into it. There were only three families from the Dumplings, so it was a really small group. There were maybe 10 or so students. They had two pots on the table. One was spicy and one was not. There were a whole bunch of things to put into the hot pot. There was meat, vegetables, squid, fish cakes, fish balls, tofu, lettuce, eggs and a few other things. In the hot pot is a mixture of broth and ginger. I put a piece of meat in. A very small piece and a piece of vegetable. Everyone puts what they want in and then takes it back out once it has cooked. It doesn't take long. I didn't want to eat because I don't like my food mixed like that, especially when it comes to fish stuff! It was tasty though. Ping loved the eggs. She had a good 6 or so of these small eggs. She loves eggs at home, but I wasn't sure how she would feel about these. They were really small. I asked the students if in China they did hot pot cooking year round or just winter? They get a group of 12 or so people and sit around the pot and eat like this. Interesting. We enjoyed the experience.

We spent the rest of the evening at home. Ping wanted to put out the Valentine's Day decorations. Then it was time for bed.

Today Ping went to Sunday School. Bill went to pick her up and decided to stay for church because Ping was playing the triangle during the service for a song the children were going to sing. When he got home, we headed out to go on a sleigh ride. I have wanted to do this for awhile. Today was a perfect day for it. We had a lot of fun. We then headed straight to church for the children's Valentine's Day party. Ping had a blast. I love watching her having fun with all the other kids! Once home, I cleaned the floor of the kitchen which has been gnawing at me all weekend. Nice relaxing night for the most part.

Well off to post some photos!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Hot Pot.

Ping smelling a fish ball.

Two hot pots.

Ping eating her eggs.

Ping and Roma playing with one of the Chinese students and an older girl. Can't remember her name.

Ping and Roma as cats.

Here we go.


My awesome family.

Smile baby.

All of us.

Ping and Mariah.

One horse open sleigh.

Blindfolded for game.

Balloon running.

Ping and Julia.


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