Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a busy week it's been so far

Ping went to school on Tuesday and I ran a million errands. What else is new? I don't know why I always have so many errands. I nearly blew my top at the UPS store. I walk in and get in line. A woman who walked in after me, went to the right side of me, got the clerks attention and said "Can I have my mail?" The gall of her. How rude! She looked at me and I literally glared at her. After she got her mail I said to the gentleman "I am just going to leave this here, it's paid for!" Before I finished my sentence, the woman says "Do I have any packages?" Really lady? Tell me why I shouldn't beat you now???? I was incensed. I just walked out, but it angered me for a good 10 minutes.

Ping and I spent the afternoon at home. I had a few things I really wanted to do here. We did go to her ice skating lesson at 4:30 pm. There is a little girl there that is about seven? She really likes Ping. She always comes over and says hello to her. So the little girl and her friend comes over to Shayla to say hello. Then the friend says to me "Why are you so fat?" UGH. Just because I am heavy does not give you the right to ask why. I am so sick of little kids being so damn rude. I am also sick of people saying "They are just kids!!!!" So I said to her, "I really can't answer that question for you." I was stunned. Then the little girl that likes Ping says "That was a really mean thing to ask." I turned to her and say "Thank you sweetie." Clearly she was raised correctly! They are the same age or nearly the same age. I was going to mention something to her mom about how sweet she was, but I didn't get a chance to do that. Hopefully I can next week. Anyway, I did say to the little girl that my feelings are the same size as my daughters and the same size as hers despite what size we are on the outside and that the question is hurtful. She says "Well I didn't mean it like that?" How did she mean it? So as I am sitting there and Ping is sitting on my lap, a woman comes over to me and says "I didn't hear that entire conversation, but I just wanted to say that I got the gist of it and you handled yourself beautifully. That was a wonderful response. She said she was a school teacher and was going to keep that in mind in the event that she needed to teach it to her students. While I am talking with her, another woman took Ping off my lap and put her on the ice. It was really sweet. She is Chinese as is her daughter Jasmine. So it was cute that she let me finish my conversation and moved Ping to the ice which was only a few steps away. All the students were filing on and it was a messy crowd, so I was just waiting a minute to get her to the gate. It was a nice gesture and the compliment from the woman was nice. I did handle it well. Considering what I wanted to do!

Bill had to go to the fire department, so Bill took Ping home for a bath and I ran to get more K cups for the Kuerig and to return something at Staples. It was a quiet night.

Yesterday was crazy busy! Ping had to go to her bi-annual appointment at the Cranialfacial clinic. It was a long time before we were out of there. We were there over three hours! She saw the first doctor to check her ears. He cleaned the wax out of her ears. She bawled during the entire thing, but recovered fast. Dr. Kamil took out her left ear tube. She still has the right one in. Her hearing is good. We then went to see her next doctor which is for her Cleft. Her teeth seem a little misplaced. He just wants to watch it. It may require surgery or orthodontic work in the future. We just don't know how things will go. If the teeth keep pushing back, we will have to fix it. It has to do with the way she bites down. After seeing him, we saw the speech therapist. By then, Ping was literally bouncing off the chair and onto the hospital examination table. She was being silly. I just wanted out of there. You sit in a big room between each and every appointment and the kids are all coughing and sneezing. I felt like I needed a shower after being there for so many hours! They share a very large office with different departments, not just Cleft affected children.

We left the hospital and came home. Ping wanted to watch TV. I was trying to do something at my desk, but the phone wouldn't stop ringing. Every time I hung up, there was another call. It was pretty frustrating.

Bill came home around 5:30 and we jumped in the car and went to Ayi Meri's and Uncle Joe's house because they were watching Ping for us while we went to a meeting. Ping had a great time with them. She got to play on their Wii. She loves it. We went to our meeting which was for Waiting Parents with the state. We headed back to grab Ping and then we came home to get her into bed around 8:30 pm. I was zonked for the rest of the night, so I just watched a little TV.

Well off to get some things done. Later alligator!

Mama Out!!!!!!

Dragons and Pagoda set that we forgot to give Ping for Christmas.

Having fun.

So sweet.

Almost done.

Done with her first project.

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