Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally, a little energy!

After I dropped Ping off at school, I headed to the gas station and then to Walmart. I went home to pick up some coats and then ran them to Burlington Coat Factory. They are accepting donated coats till the 15th of this month. I then dropped off a ton of clothes to Savers in Worcester. They are a place that you can donate items too. I also collected some shoes to go to the UPS store in Holden. They are trying to collect 100,000 shoes before the middle of February. They are donating all the shoes to other countries where people may not have a good pair of shoes to help them get around. So I was pleased that I did all of that running around. Sadly, I hit a wall by mid-afternoon. Ping was watching TV and I decided to sit with her for awhile.

I did clean some tonight, but I am still pretty low on the energy and it's frustrating me. I have so much to do and I really don't see why I can't keep plugging at it daily. I have highs and lows. I just wish I had the highs all the time.

I was able to buy Miss Ping a new pair of pants to replace the ones that she got artistic with yesterday. I also bought her two summer things. I couldn't help myself. I am so over winter. I can't wait to plan a get away this summer. Not sure where, but I want to go somewhere!!!!

Mama Out!!!!

My little cook. We made cookies over the weekend. A mix was given to us for Christmas. Ping immediately ran and got her hat and apron. Any chance to wear it, she will.

Putting in the marshmallows.

Neesha and Sophie sleeping together near all the clothes that needed to be donated. They love to sleep around or on clothes.

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