Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crazy child of ours

Today Ping and I were home all day long. I have had zero energy this week. Not sure what the deal is, but I can't seem to get anything done. So frustrating. I didn't sleep well last week, so that may have something to do with my low energy.

I had a man here this morning to fix the dryer. That was not cheap. We have spent $500 this week on things that need to be fixed and it's only Wednesday! At least the dryer is working now.

We had an annual visit/standards evaluation done this afternoon with our social worker. It's done once a year to make sure your home is safe in the event of a child placement. The woman no sooner comes in, puts her purse down on the kitchen table and is saying hello to me when Ping jumps up and down in front of her and says "Did you bring me a sister today?" I thought I was going to die. You would think this was rehearsed!!! All the social worker could do was say "I am working on it honey." Then Ping sort of whined and walked away. All I could say was "I told you she is eager for a sibling and begs me daily." The face on the social worker was priceless.

Ping decided she wanted to play with her scissors and cut up some of her art work. I told her it was fine and that I was going to trust her to cut the paper and not her hair. At one point tonight when I was checking emails, Ping jumped on my lap and started kissing me and telling me how much she loved me. Now while I appreciate all of this affection, it usually means something is up. Sure enough, she confesses that she cut her pants. These pants are practically brand new. I applaud her honesty, I really do, but come on now. Enough is enough! I wish she would stop cutting everything in her path. She said she was really sorry. Needless to say, I think we will be burning all scissors in the backyard this weekend!!!!!

Tonight we got Ping into bed for 7:30 pm. She goes to bed at 8:00 pm usually, but because the last two weeks her bedtime was such a mess with the holidays, she can't fall asleep when we put her to bed at 8:00 pm. So she was in bed early, we read to her and then watched her bounce off the walls for another hour. We have got to get her back on a routine. She is overtired and that makes for a very unpleasant day for her Mama.

Well that is the latest and greatest in Ping's world. Keep warm.

Mama Out!!!!!

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