Monday, September 22, 2008

Busy weekend and start of the week

The town we live in is celebrating their 200th birthday. All year long there have been various events. This weekend there were a lot of things going on. Saturday was an Arts and Craft type festival. There were shows, crafts to make, vendors, food, etc. One big fair. We went to see some Chinese performers. They were great and Ping loved it. She danced the entire time. However, the only people other than family members of the performers were us!!!!! I felt awful for them. What a poor showing. Before they went on, an African dance troupe went on. Nobody was there for them either. Later in the afternoon was country line dancing. That was attended somewhat, but still not great. I felt like it was a huge flop for everyone there! They all got a kick out of Ping though:)

Bill had to go to the dentist for 2, so Ping and I went up to the field to walk around. It's hard to do alone with a 3 year old. I wanted to have her do some craft things, but that meant leaving the stroller and bag. I wanted to throw my hat in the ring for a few silent auction items, but that was hard too. Navigating her and the stroller that she would not sit in, combined with a wallet, etc. makes life difficult. So we didn't participate in anything. I felt bad. Bill had to work at 4, or so we thought. So we jetted off to McDonalds for lunch after he came back from the dentist. Then he found out he was working at 6 instead. So we headed back up to the field, but they were shutting down! UGH. From 4-midnight were bands and then a bonfire at 8 or so. Bill worked from 8-12! I didn't go to the bonfire. We were pretty tired at that point.

On Sunday, we got up to go to the big parade. Bill was in the parade, so it was just us girls. We parked fairly easily and then we went to sit with Ayi Karen and her awesome mom Fran! Such a sweet lady! She adores Ping and Ping loves her too! So we all hung out and watched the parade. It was so hot out. I got a little burn. Not much, but a little one. The parade was 2 1/2 hours. Longest parade I have ever been to! It was wonderful though. It truly was. There were so many different things that came through. Some floats, a lot of bands, the Shriners with their cool little cars zinging around. It was nice. Ayi Donna and Uncle Brad with Michael stopped by for a good hour or so. Michael had a football game in Lunenberg, so they decided to come by and spend a little bit of time after. It was nice to see them:) After Bill went through the parade, he was able to watch it with us. He then had to go to work. We have fireworks that night, so he was on one of the engines. Ping and I stayed home for an hour or so and then headed up to watch the fireworks. She is deathly afraid of them:( She held onto me for dear life. All she kept saying was "I want daddy." Yet it was my neck she was digging into! She refused to even look up. She was so buried, she was sweaty!!!!!! I felt bad that it was just us. Not so much fun when you are all alone.

So we didn't get much done this weekend, which was a bummer. Didn't see Bill very much either. I told him I signed up to be a stay at home mom, not a single parent!!!!! I can't wait till December is over and he is out of school!!!!!! She misses him. It's a lot for him and me and Ping!

So I brought her home and got her into bed and then daddy pulled in. Once he walked in the door, she wanted no part of me reading books or putting her to bed. That is love I tell ya!!!!

Today we headed out for a cleaning at the dentist for me. Got to love those fun appointments! Ping didn't have to go to school. The town scheduled a teachers day specifically for this day so that the kids could enjoy all the events and not have to go to school. Nice, eh? After the cleaning we headed to Staples, another store, IParty and Stop and Shop. I was dreading carrying everything in. It was made even worse when the huge milk container fell out of the car and went everyone. All over the garage and in the driveway, etc. It was gross. I hate milk. Most of my friends know that. So I backed out the car and sprayed down the garage and driveway. I can still smell it. GROSS!!!!!!! I was so annoyed too. So I put the stuff away and headed out the door to pick up Bill. The Caddy is having issues so we are putting it in the shop for tomorrow. What else is new!!!!!!!???????? Now he is at school, Ping is watching something on TV and I am about to pass out in front of the computer. I am so darn tired!!!!!!!

So that is your recap! Till next time:)

Mama Out!