Monday, September 15, 2008

What a busy day!

I took Bill's car. Well it ended up stalling while driving 4 times. That was a little nerve wracking. Why do we have 2 cars that are acting up at the same time? So mine goes in on Wednesday and we will book Bill's after. I can't imagine his having any issues as we have done everything we can to that car in the last few months and I have the repair bills to prove it.

Today was nutty. I took Ping to school, came home and did a boatload of stuff. I was so thrilled with what I accomplished. I headed out at 11 to go the cleaners and then to get Ping. We went to the bank and came home really quickly to call Bill. My cell was in my car. So we headed over to his work. We then went to Petco, Burlington Coat Factory, Target, Norwood for my doctors appt. and then to Macys and JC Penney. By the time I got home at 6:15, I was so wiped out. Even Ping said to daddy "I am tired." She never admits defeat:) So I let her watch a little bit of TV and then I gave her some dinner and escorted her upstairs to bed. I proceeded to read a boat load of books and then it was lights out. She really didn't want to fall asleep. She was fighting it. She finally did after 40 or so minutes. So she went to bed for 9:10. Not too bad. I am trying to get it so she goes to bed for 8:30, but it hasn't worked so far. I will keep inching it back if I can.

Daddy is at school. I can't do one more thing. I think I will sit and see if anything is on before I pass out for the night:)

Does anybody read this blog anymore???? I look at other blogs and I see there are millions of comments. Clearly I am not expecting a huge following, but I wonder if anyone is out there anymore???

Mama Out!


Fancy That! said...

You're right - I doubt anyone reads this blog (JUST KIDDING! :))

Christina said...

I read it, I read it!