Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Precious Girl

She is such a special little baby to me. Bill is outside working with a ladder. She is yelling out the window, "Daddy, be careful okay???? Be careful Daddy." She keeps saying it over and over. It's so adorable. This morning she came into the closet as I was dressing and threw her arms around me and said "Hi Mama, I am good, how are you." I got a kiss. Big greetings are nice. She continuously amazes me.

So yesterday I basically hung around the house doing a lot of projects. I feel like I am so behind on so many things. I was glad to get stuff done. Bill went out on a call around 10:30 pm and didn't get back to nearly 2 am. We had a lot of rain and flooding around here.

Today I am here getting the blog caught up. I need to post pictures. We are also dealing with an A/C problem. It's freezing up. We have had more issues this summer. We hardly ever have an issue with the A/C, but have had 3 issues this summer alone. So it's a tad warm in the house right now.

I changed the blog a little. I changed up the colors. Give me some feedback. If you hate it and it's hard to read or you can't enjoy the pictures with the border, speak up please!!!!!

So Bill is working outside and I am working inside. I just cleaned up the kitchen and the dining room. I have everything ready to go errand wise tomorrow as I didn't get to them yesterday. I just wish I felt at the top of my game. I think the antibiotics has brought on a possible yeast issue. So I had some yogurt. That seemed to bring on a little stomach distress. Last night I ripped the strapping off my feet as it was so itchy, I was digging at my skin. So that was flaming all night. Finally at 4am, I ripped it off. I actually iced up my feet and arms. I was able to sleep after that. I feel like a freaking mess. It will get better though. It has to!!!!!! Ping's party is in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I hear from some more people soon.

I will upload pictures soon my friends. Best to you all!

Mama Out!

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OVPI News said...

The new blog format is great! I love the pictures.

Can't wait for Ping's Party. Did we already RSVP? WE'RE COMING! Get the Veggie Burgers on the Barbie! :)

Great new-and-improved-blog!