Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday and no A/C!!!!!!

I am finding this house a tad warm for my taste. Yesterday I noticed that the house seemed warm. When Bill went to look at the two units, he said they were frozen. So he shut them both off. I called an A/C technician and he said it may be due to the cooler nights. So Bill is going to try and turn on the systems tonight. I know it's September, but I would be comfy with it running till December:) I love to be cool!!!!! We have had more A/C issues this year. Frustrating as all heck.

This morning as Ping was getting ready for school, I sneezed. She says "God bless you mama." I was so touched and amazed. Good manners, good English. So proud of my little buggy.

After I dropped off Ping at school, I went to the dry cleaners, CVS, the bank, the post office, McDonalds for an ice tea, another dry cleaners and back to CVS to pick stuff up. It was so nice to get it all done alone! When I picked the cherub up, we went to iParty. Her birthday is looming in front of me and I needed a few things. I think I have most of the stuff done. I just have some calls to make and some more coordinating to do. It will be nice when it's here and then when it's over. I love parties, but it can be so stressful too.

This afternoon, Ping is watching TV and I am making some phone calls for things. She really is good about me doing that now. It's wonderful to be able to make a call without her climbing all over me. Mind you, I would rather have her here crawling, than not be here! She is such an immense joy in my life.

Mama Out!

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