Friday, September 12, 2008

So stressed!!!!!!

First of all, thank you Kim for coming out from behind the bushes:)

Why am I stressed? I had to trap Sophie today. It's 10:15. I wasn't supposed to do it until about 30 minutes before the vet gets here so the cat isn't so stressed. Given Sophie and her being a very difficult putty, I had to take the opportunity when it knocked! So she has been trapped for an hour. If this day goes off without a hitch, I will be so bloody grateful. I am scared and stressed and wigged out. I am a tad angry too. I know I am a stay at home mom, but I hate that everything gets left to me! Bill gets to skate through life without so much of a scratch for the most part. Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be mean here. I love my husband (most of the time). He is a good dad and a good husband. He does what I ask him to help me with. After the 100th time usually:) However, some things fall on my shoulders and he doesn't get it! This catching Sophie is something he should have to do or at least assist with. I know he has to work. I respect that. He has to attend school as well. I fully support that. However, last week, I was left with Ping in the hospital. Thank god for Joe who came to the rescue. It's not more appropriate for her to go to school with him than be with me at the hospital. Now I am not "hung" up on that still. I am just trying to make a point! Now I am faced with trying to get Sophie again and it's killing me. I don't want to get hurt. I don't want her to be afraid. Is she going to be okay for a few hours? She is so nervous. Any other cat would be like "hey, you locked me in here you fool." Not her though. She feels caged and she is so frightened. It just kills me!

Honestly, and I will be shot and quartered for this, but a lot of men have it easy. Especially men who have children and who work. If the wife/mom stays home, she is expected to do everything from A to Z. Well we are working too you know. We don't bring home a paycheck. We bring home something better. A clean, well loved, well educated child that you agreed to raise too!!!!! So you should look at your child and see the pay off every day. Not on Thursday or Friday! We don't get sick days. We don't get vacation days for the most part. We can't leave work early or go in late. Children need their snacks and juice box and need to get to school on time! We can't call the "boss" and say we are running late. That does NOT fly.

We are the ones that have to do all the shopping, the planning, the caring, the cleaning, the feeding, the fighting, the disciplining, the worrying, the coordinating, the clothes matching, the hair combing etc. Frankly, your job of child rearing starts usually after 5pm and you have a co-host! Count your blessings.

Bill and I were teasing each other last night. He said he was going to call DSS on me and tell them I was a bad mother if I did not buy him a ride on tractor this weekend. Our present push mower does not work well. So what did I say? GO AHEAD!!!!!!! Then you will have to work AND take care of Ping. Don't forget school. Careful what you wish for baby. I told him that it would make my day. I would be at the spa with no child. Tough life, no? I think he realized after he said it that he was screwed:) HA HA!!!!!

Now don't misunderstand, I signed up for this life. I am the one that wanted to be a SAHM. I do love it. I do love my fur babies. I love my home. I love having some free time to plan activities. However, do not think that SAHM's are popping bon bons between their lips. Walk in our shoes for 2 weeks. I bet you will be at work so fast and on time, that your head will spin!

Wish me luck on my Sophie endeavor!

Mama Out!

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