Friday, September 12, 2008

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment

Off to school.

The outfit I am not a fan off. I do not like to support sports. Bunch of overpaid men!

Excuse the ugly blankets. They are to keep the couches decent. Sasha, my fluffy elephant is the one looking with the white and Neesha is behind her. Tough life!

Off to school yesterday.

Happy Happy. Ping's newest thing is she gauges me by saying "Happy" and waiting for a response. She gets that from me saying "I am not happy with you right now, you should not have done _______." So now I get "Happy" with a huge smile and expression like "you better be happy mama!

I love taking pictures of Shayla. Her funny personality shows so well in photos.

I was just telling Bill last night that the other day when I was trying to get a new purse the other day, this kid got more compliments. Everyone loved the outfit she had on. Strangers kept saying she was adorable or her outfit was adorable or they loved her hair. Personally, I didn't want this particular outfit, but Bill insisted!

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Christina said...

She always looks cute!