Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am so freaking sweepy, I can't stand it!!!!!! I think Monday wore wore us out!

Ping had a good day at school yesterday. After I picked her up, we went to lunch with Ayi Donna who came up to look at the landscaping. We had a great time. It was short as Donna had to run home to take Nicole for a hair cut. School pictures are Thursday for both Ping and Nicole. Why they do it so early in the school year is beyond me!!!!

We stayed home for the rest of the day. I did a few things around the house. Ping watched her favorite shows on Noggin!

Our new computer came last night. We will have to take the time to set that one up. I am honestly afraid. This one is now working of course. It's like you wonder why you booked a hair cut when your hair looks great on that day, but previously it looked like hell????

I took a nap late yesterday afternoon. Bill came home and did some laundry and had a snack and watched TV. We had our evening set up for the things we needed to do. Litter boxes, trash, bath for Ping, making dinner, etc. At 9:20 Bill asks if I dropped my truck off to have it fixed. OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSSS! I remembered at noon that day, but spaced. He spaced. So we had to drag the poor Pingster out after her bath. She slept in the car. I was tempted to cancel, but we really need both cars to be in good working order! So we never did make dinner. I sometimes hate how we live. Most people are in bed before we even contemplate dinner. Why can't we be like the Cleavers? We both felt bad about dragging Ping out, but she was fine with it. I hope I get the truck back tonight.

So this morning, Ping had a MELTDOWN! She didn't like what I took out for her to wear. She wants to wear a dress every single day. It's frustrating. She had a small meltdown yesterday, but today was awful. I wasn't sure if it was just the dress thing or something else. So I went and got her a dress and she immediately calmed down. Thank god. It's so stressful to deal with it when we have to get ready for school. Bill was at his wits end as was I. Bill had to get to work and was freaking about it. After she got dressed, we took her to school and then drove to his work. He went in and I got in the drivers seat. Now I have to run back out and get Ping.

Today is her first skating lesson. I am so bloody excited. Wish us luck. First things first is getting the dress off of her. I know that is going to be awful!!!!!! Can't wear a damn dress skating though!!!!!!

Mama Out!

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