Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures from yesterday

I took Ping to the fire department yesterday because it was their Open House and Bill was working. Bill was tearing up a car using the jaws of life. Just as the men started, out of the blue Ping runs over to the car. It happened in a split second. So I ran after her. However, the guys were all yelling to each other to stop what they were doing. Poor Ping. She was devastated. I think she was so scared at all the guys yelling at the same time. So she buried her head in my shoulder and cried hysterically. All 37 lbs of her!!!!!! I felt awful. Our friend Cindy was there, so the two of us took a walk back over to the station from the parking lot. Cindy has a little dog and after some much needed convincing, Ping decided to walk Murphy. All was right with the world again. That is of course until a little girl, a classmate of Ping's asked to walk Murphy. Ping adamantly said "NO." I tried so hard to get her to turn the leash over, but she wouldn't, so I finally just took it and gave it to the little girl. Ping started crying and screaming again. I think it's because of the terrible cold she has. She just isn't at her best right now. However, the leash was given back to her shortly after and then she was okay! Thank god as my back couldn't handle carrying her anymore. I don't mind carrying her, but I have had a terrible stomach issue since Thursday of last week and holding her didn't make it any better!

After the fire dept., we went to a local playground where there was a fundraiser. For $3.00, Ping could bounce in the bouncy and obstacle course as much as she wanted to. She bounced for a long time. Then she played on some of the playground equipment. We then walked around a little and left. It was chilly and we were zonked. That and my damn stomach was bothering me.

Later on in the evening, Ping and Bill went to Walmart. Bill says to me "Can I just run and leave Ping here so it will be a quick in and out????" Excuse me? I do errands all time with Ping. You try it buster!!!!! I was kidding though. So I said to Ping "daddy is going to run to the store and he will be right back, okay?" She started to cry. She was so sad. So I said "do you want to go to the store with daddy?" She shook her head yes like you wouldn't believe. So Bill took her:) How could he not? He told me I rigged it, but I really didn't! LOL. I would have gone, but didn't feel well enough to, so I stayed home and napped for a few!

I am still having stomach issues. Sure wish I knew what they were!!!!!

What do you think of my new add on? I log on and it looks like I am coming from Holden, so it's kind of hard to know who is logging on and such. I always liked them though, so figured I would acquire one!

Mama Out!

Where are your eyes Ping??? Right here mommy!!!

Check out the funny glance! She does this occasionally and it cracks us up!

Going to school this morning.

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