Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Landscaping photos while working on project!

Summer project!

I did not get before pictures. Totally spaced on it. Here are the working on it photos!

View of side of house. In front is the driveway that approaches the side of the house. This was all dug up as it was moss.

View from side of house looking out at driveway.

Where the little bobcat is sitting was a short driveway. We used it to turn around in. We took all the asphalt out.

Side of house looking out at driveway.

New walkway up to the in-law side of the house.

Another shot of walkway.

Built a retaining wall here to loop from my mom's driveway to where the other little driveway was. Where you see that post was all gross grass, dirt and stumps. So we wanted to pretty the area.

Another shot of retaining wall.

Back yard where Birch trees are. A new bed is there and new grass.

Our porch. We painted this every year and every year it peeled. It was an embarrassment. So we had blue stone put over it.

Stairs to porch. We had this covered in blue stone as well.

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Christina said...

I think your stone walkway may have just given me an orgasm.

My god, woman, you have an ESTATE there! Love the birch trees. Thank you for finally posting the photos!