Friday, October 17, 2008

This weeks pictures

Time to brush our teeth!

You can't see me, I am hiding.

Time to clean my tootsies.

Noushig and Armig.

Ping showing her new puzzle from Ayi Christina. She got a whale, a zebra and an elephant figurine which are on the shelf in her bedroom, an awesome book that is called "Mei Ping and the Silver Shoes" and this awesome puzzle. Thank so much sweetie. Ignore the lovely hair do and unbuttoned shirt. She comes home and the first thing that goes is the shoes. Second thing is the hair bow. This day it was followed by the unbuttoning of the dress. Why don't you just take your dress off and hang out in your Pull Up dear?

Cookies we made yesterday.

Two cookies with Ping's face.

Bringing her panda bear to school today.

Don't bug me, I am sitting on Dad!!!! Like my shaved spots?

1 comment:

Christina said...

I am glad she is shoeless in my picture! She is ready to come and visit Ayi Christina and go out on the boat! I never have shoes on, either. ;)