Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If it's not another damn cold!!!!!

Ping has had a terrible cold the last few days. Last night I started with the sore throat AGAIN. I just had this 2 weeks ago:( Tonight I have the fuzzy head and the sneezing, etc. I think I should home school this child!!!!! It's frustrating. I have not felt good for weeks it seems.

I took Ping out today to Backyard Adventures. She had a blast. I felt like garbage, but stuck it out for her sake. One little boy said to me, "Do you have a baby in there?" I said "no." He said "You have really big breasts." I just looked at him. What can I say. He then went on to say "Well you have something wrong with you, but I don't know what it is." I wanted to tell him that my only problem was him and his 5 year old attitude!!!! I thought I was going to kill him right then and there!!!!! Later on during play time he hit Ping. There was no reason for it! Towards the end of the play date he blocked her from going into a little house. She finally pushed past him at his rear. He turns and starts screaming that she hit him and he went on to demonstrate it. I was right there, she didn't touch him at all. Tell me it's okay to beat a 5 year old????? Rotten kid!

Anyway, Ping enjoyed her time there. Here are some pics.

I am so excited to go play, I can't contain myself!!!!!

Hi Mommy, can you see me?

Coming out of the little house.

Um Ping, you go up this, not down!


Man this is fast!!!!!

Coming down so carefully.

I did it Mommy, I did it!!!!!!

Going up the rock hill.

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Christina said...

Oh my gosh, it is so NOT funny, but this post made me laugh so hard. What an obnoxious little creature!