Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am a big picture sharer lately!

Front bed. You can see the zebra grass next to the tree. Lavender as well as some other plants are in the front bed.

Sophie looking at me taking photos.

Trying to get a picture of the water we can see from the house.

Ping sniffing mums.

Church where we got married is the white building you can sort of see. This is a little through way in front of our house.

New stairs.

Another picture of blue stone work on stairs.

A close up of the blue stone.

Side view looking down driveway.

Another front bed view.

Another water view.

Front of the house.

Front of the house.
Picture of front/side bed. New tree. Bamboo in front of tree. Hydrangea on right side of tree.

Front bed and porch.

Odd looking mushroom. Close up of plants and rocks in new bed. This was a mess of rocks and dirt before.

Retaining wall.

Side bed and new walkway. Hydrangea and ornamental grass.

Another view of walkway.

Side in back circling of trees.

Birch trees and bed clean up.

Backyard with new grass.

Back yard with new grass.

Bed on side of in law garage. Holly tree and ornamental grass. Forgot what some of the other stuff is.

View from driveway. All new grass.

View from driveway.

View of bed with rocks and retaining wall. Part of old driveway was right before the trees.

Ping loves to walk the retaining wall.

Another view of retaining wall looking out at driveway and street.

Retaining wall and street view.

Where old driveway was. Still trying to get grass to grow here!!!!

Side of property from driveway. New grass and you can see the circling of the trees with hostas.

Another view of side from driveway.

An unhappy Ping. This is the dress Ayi Jenn gave for Ping's birthday.

Being silly on the stairs.

So is this dress and doll outfit not dead on or what? Got the outfit 6 months ago and then saw the doll. Too cute.

See Sophie, it's a good life inside.

Sophie and Neesha sharing a couch. This is very rare.

Sophie has really been trying to get Neesha to like her lately. Excuse the ugly blanket. Trying to protect the couches from Ping and the fur babies!

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Christina said...

Oh my gosh, you DO have an estate! This looks lovely! I'm so glad you did it.What a charming house and property.