Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I could kill her today!!!!!!

Despite going to bed at a decent time last night, Ping was so tired today. Even the teacher mentioned it. When she is tired, she is harder than ever to get to behave! Not much different than any other child, right? Well after I picked her up from school, we went to PT for my feet. Then we met my friend Marghrit and her twins for lunch. Ping was not well behaved. She wouldn't sit with us. She would not wear her shoes in the restaurant. She wanted to keep switching booths. Unfortunately, Armig was also not enjoying herself. She was crying from 10 minutes in the door. So I shoved my food down and held her so Marghrit could eat. So it was hard getting Ping to behave because Armig was hysterical. Ping was at least quiet. We both noticed that the other diners were displeased with us. What could we do though. It's not like we were done eating and could take off. Then little Noushig started to cry. So we shrugged our shoulders and said "this sucks." LOL. What else can you do????? We didn't know how it would go. Worth a try. It was nice to see them anyway. It was a lesson in having twins and a little one too. How do people do it????

Ping was asleep before we left the parking lot, so clearly she was exhausted. Tonight she clung to daddy and hysterically cried when he said he had to go to the Fire Dept. He finally was able to escape and I was able to calm her down!

Now it's 8:30 and she should be in bed. Instead she is crying at the top of her lungs in the bathroom. I had to step away. Instead of tearing herself away from what she was doing, she peed all over the floor from the living room into the dining room, the kitchen and finally the bathroom. We have told her that when she has to go, she has to go. Needless to say, I was displeased. We have both told her that this is very unacceptable. So I just cleaned everything up. I went to clean her up and all she has wanted to do is scream "I want daddy." After hearing that for awhile, I decided to walk away. I was getting really angry with her. Daddy would be just as angry as me. I told her that I was unhappy and she knows better than this. She thinks daddy would console her. Truth be told, he would be angrier than me. So anyway, I can still hear her, so I need to go tend to her. I had to step away though. When the situation is what it is, it's better to step away and breathe. If you don't, I just find it escalates. The problem is she is so overtired, so she is being so very unreasonable!!!!!! So that is my night. Grrrrrr.

Mama Out!

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