Monday, October 6, 2008

Pictures of party

Sleeping sitting up.

Getting ready to party.

Favor boxes before sides of tent were removed. I hated the sides!

Edible cookies to color and eat.

Edible sandy candy tubes to fill.

Shot of tent before people showed.

Card basket and Happy Birthday cake you sign.

Big Happy Birthday inflatable.

Cake. Cherry Chocolate Chip on top and Chocolate Raspberry on bottom. All buttercream.

Shot of tent before the rest of sides were removed.

Godchild Nicole and Thomas. He is Trisha's son. So tall! They are one month apart in age.

Next to tent.

Another cake shot.

Bill and Ayi Kim with Rick, Jenn and Jillian in the background.

Sam and Jillian. Adorable.

Blinkee the clown with kids.

Wonderful neighbors. David and Ethel and Anna and her two lovely girls Erika and Heidi. Heidi has babysat Ping. She loves kids.

Ayi Karen and Uncle Rick. Friends from the fire dept. Wonderful people and Ping adores them.

Cousins Deborah and Anne.

Ping with silly Happy Birthday hat.

Ping with painting from Blinkee.

Mad she was taken from the party for a picture!

Cousin Donna's adorable daughter Quinn.

Ayi Jenn and Ayi Meri.

Off to school.

Sasha and Neesha napping.

Pissed off not in a skirt face!

Happy about wearing a dress. New living room color on the left.

Sophie, the escaped convict checking out the packages.

I have a lot of other photos, but in the transition of computers, can't find. Trying to locate and will post!


Tammy said...

WOW! What a great party!!!!!


Christina said...

I am so glad it went well. What a beautiful, beautiful party you have thrown for Ping! Hope you enjoyed yourself, too!