Friday, October 17, 2008


I took Ping to a play date yesterday. It was a cookie place. You are given dough and you basically can choose as many cookie cutters as you want. You then frost the cookies and put colored sprinkles on. They also took her photo and put it on a round cookie and a square cookie. It was a lot of fun. She had a blast. The group that we were there with was frustrating. The children were not watched by the parents, so they were making a mess and a lot of noise. One kid noticed my weight and starting yelling stuff at me and got every child to look. I wanted to sink into the floor. I was thinking of darting out, but I could not do that to Ping. She deserves to have a good time. I thought I was going to beat the kid. The mom was right there too. She said NOTHING! I wanted to tell him that his mom may be thin, but her parenting skills sucked. He and his sister were two of the worst behaved kids there. This was before everything started, so a lot of parents didn't hear. Also, nobody picked up after their child. I was so proud of Ping. She was really well behaved! I am looking forward to going again at another time with friends or Bill. I also know that dear Uncle Brad would enjoy this outing:) XO.

Last night I had a Tastefully Simple party. It went pretty well. I haven't done a party in a year! I was rusty, but I don't think it showed. Usually we pass around the food and tell the clients what they were eating, but these two hosts didn't want to do that. So they made a bunch of the stuff and just put it out on the kitchen in the island. It went fine, but people were more interested in just munching and drinking than getting to the order party. All in all, it went faster than I thought it would. I didn't have to do the demonstration. I talked a short time and then let them taste everything. There were about 20 or so people. The one bad/stupid thing I did was to use old order forms. Now I know many consultants that do this. I wasn't thinking it was a big deal as I had a boatload of them. Well what I didn't remember is that some prices changed, so everyone got a lot of their stuff for cheaper than it was. It was only a buck here or two bucks there, but it adds up. Can't blame anyone but myself on that one. I am ordering new ones tonight! Uncle Joe babysat so Bill could come with me. These people wanted a lot of cash and carry which we no longer do. However, I ordered a bunch for these ladies, so there was a lot of carrying to be done. We were home by 10.

I started having a lot of stomach pain yesterday afternoon. It was okay at the TS party. I was worried about that. Somewhere around 11, it got worse. I went to get up from watching ER and nearly doubled over. I still have the pain today. I just have a bad stomach today:( I am sure it will go away. It's so irritating though.

Today was a fairly easy day. The first thing I did was completely forget I had a PT appt. at 11:30. What a dope. I knew I had it last night. Not sure why I spaced on it. They called me at 12. I just profusely apologized. Where is my head???? I never go on a Friday. I only go on Tuesdays and Thursdays and even though I knew last night I had it, I just forgot! UGH. After that call, I entered all the orders into the computer from the party last night. Ping watched TV, played with her Little Ponies, Pet Shop pets and colored. I shut the TV off around 3:30 or so today. She was so unhappy. She was screaming like a rabid raccoon. However, she chooses not to use the toilet when she watches TV. She goes to the bathroom in her Pull Up and she has been warned over and over!!!! I see her doing the dance and tell her to leave the TV and go. She yells no. I told her that she would lose priveledges if she kept doing this. She didn't listen, so the TV was taken away. Sorry babe. I felt bad, but she needs to learn. Today she ran for the bathroom, but missed it so she peed all over the bathroom floor. That is gross. Accidents happen and those don't bug me. Watching TV to the point of not getting to the bathroom is unacceptable. So I gave her a Pull Up and told her to play with her toys. What does she do 1 hour later? She pees in her Pull UP? I was like "you have got to be kidding me Ping!!!!" Tomorrow is another day. We will have to keep working on it. Bill suggested a sticker chart. That would be a great idea if we were teaching her how to use the bathroom, but she KNOWS how to. She just chooses not to do so when she is watching TV. So for now, she loses the TV when she does this. If that doesn't cure her, I will try something else. Lock her and a toilet in the closet? Is that legal?

She did make me laugh a few times today. Her new word has been "alright." So when I say "Ping can you put your shoes on the stairs to go upstairs later tonight" she will say "alright Mama." It's cute. However, she is now saying "alrighty then." I wonder if her teachers say that? So everything is "alrighty then Mama." Today we were in the family room doing something. I think we were putting some toys away. She turns to me and says'Daddy have coffee now?" Even she recognizes the coffee addiction:) I said that daddy was at school, but as soon as he got home, he would be having his coffee. Was that ever the truth. I was just shocked that she asked that. I love it when I hear her developing new sentences. I love it that she knows us so well.

Well I am off to console my stomach and ask it to calm down. Later my friends.

Mama Out!

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