Sunday, October 19, 2008

Too funny

Ping ran to me and said "oh no, Elmo broke my head balloon!" The eyes and nose fell off somehow. LOL. Then one of the girls threw up on the floor. Ping looks and says "oh no, very messy, kitty needs a Pull Up!" Mind you she is doing this big hand gesture thing.

Yesterday Bill introduced her to hot chocolate. It was so cold out after a full day, that he thought she should try some to warm her up. She loved it. When she finished, she put her mug on the counter and said "I am all done with my coffee now." The day before she said "Is it time for daddy to have coffee?" So she is wrapped up in this whole coffee thing that Bill does. The ritual of coffee drinking. No two things shall be done. It's coffee and nothing else but TV watching for him!

Well gotta run to meet Bill. Talk to you later.

Mama Out!

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