Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you promise to love this child?

Yes. Do you promise to take care of her and never abandon her? Yes. Do you promise to take a poop sample and stick it into three vials to test for parasites? SCREEEEEEEECH! Hmmm, no agency, social worker or the CCAA themselves EVER mentioned this part. Everyone does such a nice job at trying to prepare you for adopting. Funny how not everything is mentioned, huh? Good thing you got me here to tell you the truth:)

Welcome to the USA Ping. Here we do fun things like have a TB test done on your arm. If you are really lucky, two days later your mom will take you back to have it read. Then she will add 4 shots, 2 chest x-rays and 12 vials or so of blood drawn from your arm. Now who would want to go to the zoo when there is all this fun to be had? The best part is there will be two more days of collecting your poop and sticking into 3 vials. I can barely wait till this weekend is over.

Poor baby! Last night and today was really fun though. Karen our friend through the fire department came over and brought a backpack, 2 pairs of flip flops with little beads on them, a nice summery dress, a cute hat and a porcelain tea set with ladybugs on it and hair accesories. So generous and sweet. We love Auntie Karen! Pure joy on Ping's face.

Today was another great adventure. Our friend Audra came over with her two gorgeous girls for Ping to play with. Ava and Ping hit it off. No language issues there. It was the language of fun! They are nearly the same age. Miss Elise is only a year, so she didn't get in on as much fun! The three little ladies brought Ping a beautiful pink dress and some jeans and a colorful shirt and a beautiful sweater. Ping is going to be a fashion diva!!! Everything was adorable and much appreciated.

Now Ping and Paw are playing upstairs. I would like to return the side rails today or tonight as my sweetie does not seem to need them!

Our sweet Ping and one of our nearest and dearest friends, Auntie Anita are in the picture below.


Stephanie said...

Oh the joys of motherhood!

Ping looks great Jill, happy and content.

Julie said...

T M I !!! Just kidding. Yeah...when you start having whole conversations about the poop, you realize you are comfortable with Mommyhood.

Christina said...

I love her tiny feet. And such a stylish dresser already!

Well, you've gotten christened into motherhood pretty quickly, eh?