Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sweet and Bitter!!!!!

I keep forgetting to mention this little story. I go to the foot doctor pretty regularly to have some ultrasound for my heel pain that stems from Plantar Fasciitis. Anyway, Ping from the get go has loved to go with me. Like there was a choice? So anyway, we go in and while we are waiting for the tech/administrative person/nursing assistant, Ping throws out the paper towel that I am supposed to put my foot on for cleanliness, gets into the bottom cabinet and gets a "fresh" one. She unfolds it and puts it under my foot. She then gets two latex gloves. She then picks up the plastic door holder that is not being used, she gets up on this high stool and sits in front of me. She literally pretends that the plastic door holder is the ultrasound machine. She uses the bottom of the holder and rubs it all over my heel. It's hilarious. She is such a hoot. I am amazed at how smart she is, I really am. She also points to the stool and says "AYI" because she knows that is where they sit!! It's really cute. She always puts the gloves back too! Funny thing is that they don't use the gloves. She is more sterile than them!!!!!

That was the sweet. Now for the bitter. I took Ping for a play date today. We went to Audra's in Sutton to play with her sweeties Ava and Elise. Ping was so mean to me today. She spit at me constantly, ignored me, wouldn't let me help her, wouldn't tell me when she had to go to the bathroom, pushed Elise down, took toys away from Elise. I was so not happy. After we left, she was still not being nice at all to me. We went to the mall. She had just passed out. She was very tired. Anyway, we went into the TJ MAXX store to return the little sweatshirt she threw in my bag yesterday. I told my husband on the phone that when I got to the mall, I was going to not lock the doors and put down all the windows. I was ready to put a "For Sale" sign around her neck. I had to hatch these plans in my head, just to get through the time I had left with her alone. We then met Baba for dinner. She wasn't great there either. However, she tried to be a little sweeter. After all, she wanted me to look like a liar to BABA!!!!! Her behavior today was like it was when we were in China!!!!

Anyway, we are home now and she needs a bath. Second shift will be working on that. This Mama is done for the day.

Man, there are some days that you have to physically tell yourself that beating them would not be cool. I never said there was anything wrong with mentally beating them though:))))

I do love her, but she is a patience tester. I don't tolerate spitting. I also don't tolerating pushing down others. I know she didn't mean to push her, she was just trying to get her to hurry up. Every time I tried to tell her to not do something, she spit at me. If that isn't enough to throw you over the edge, I don't know what would.

Did I mention that if I could adopt another one this instant, I would? Someone should really look at my sanity level. Personally, I am a little worried about it, but I refuse to tell a soul, so shhhh!

Mama out!


Norah said...

My son is 10 and he knows exactly how to push my buttons. He gets in these moods and I usually end up in tears by the end of it. Hate it. I hope the spitting is only temporary for you.

Christina said...

I agree with Norah... they are such smart little critters when it comes to knowing what will send us over the edge!

You are doing great. Just keep trusting your instincts and laughing about it all (and writing about it all so that I can keep laughing at this little pip!).

Love you!