Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Pics! Click them to see bigger:)

This was after most of the blank plates were put away. Wish I had a shot of that!
Fuzzy picture, but must show my great response at mama's dismay!
This is great fun, isn't it?
Kid, take a hike, me hungry and want to start chowing.
What do you need? I have flashlights and a wrench or two. Perhaps a screwdriver? I could be a flasher if this gadget selling doesn't work for me! I bopped the large person behind me on the head. Do you need a mama bopper? Let me check my pockets!

Did you see my facial? Am I glowing? Check it out. I can get you scheduled for one. It's called A LA SCRATCH and it's free. The facialist is a bit burly, but it's worth it just to have the radiance.

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Norah said...

She did such a good job! Linhsey is trouble at 18 months, is this what I have to look forward to ? : )