Monday, March 31, 2008

Today it rained here!

Found out another little tidbit that others don't share with you before becoming a mom! When it rains, you have to put the tyke in first or look like an ass. So I got soaked today over and over while doing errands. I felt like a wet rag. There are few things as unpleasant as running with your child and stuff to the car. Her legs are not fast either. Next adoption is going to be a 25 year old Swedish boy:) Heck China is a tad slow, why don't we all adopt a Swedish boy?

So we headed to Target today. I had a few returns. I wouldn't have had returns if my husband did them on Saturday like he was supposed to, but I am going off on a tangent. I just have to say, if you have something to return and you can't find it, why not call before leaving the house? Why would you call as you are pulling in the parking lot to tell me that you don't know what basket I am referring to? What the heck, everyone in blogsville knows about the BASKET! Plus you are the one that hid it until I could find a new one. You want to know WHERE it is? Um, hmmm, I see an issue here. Great, my husband is brilliant and my child only understands Chinese for the most part. Thank god for the cats!

So I had to return the BASKET today. Yeah, the basket in the RAIN. No problem. I am supermom.

I picked up some more cold medicine for Miss Sniffleufagus and got a pair of shoes or two for my beloved creature. Okay, I admit it, I bought like 7 or so pairs of shoes. Hubby says that I am Imelda Jr. Well due to my Lymphadema, I can't wear shoes. So I am living out my shoe fantasy through my child. I am living out my high credit card debt through her as well:))) Life is short, buy shoes in every color!!!!!

After being soaked at the store, we came home. Ping was passed out for 5 or so minutes before getting home. Sadly the kid wakes up immediately and won't go back to sleep. It's a true bummer!!!!! I told Bill yesterday that you can usually watch batteries charge. Like on the cell phone, I can see the bars going up, up and up until the bars are full. Well, with Pingmeister, she goes through the bar window and across the many lands. She needs 2 minutes to recharge her batteries. Why can't she just be sleepy when we get home????? Why can't she take a 15 minute nap?

So we get in, I check email. She proceeds to find my nail polish remover, remove some finish off of my coffee table and then she goes on to feeding the cats a power snack again. I told Bill we need to move the stuff to higher ground. As for the remover, I hid it up high. Is this kid 10 or almost 3????? Anyway, Bill comes home and there is a turkey in our driveway. We don't often get turkeys of the fluffy variety. I asked him if it was one of his relatives. HA. Anyway, my girl sees him pull in and the twinkle in her eyes is immeasurable. Give me a break. Why is he so great?????? So Bill comes in, we do a fashion show with two new outfits and many shoes. Shortly after that Ping had a power poop. Bill yells "come here, I need help?" He needs help because she pooped? PUHLEEEEEZE. It was nothing. He said it was all over her. Yeah, it's amazing that it was all over her hiney!!!!!! I would have traded him for the poop all over the shoes, clothes, body, kitchen and bathroom from the other day. MEN!

So she went in the tub which has been freaking her out lately. Not sure why. She then ran around like a nut after I lubed her up good with lotion. She was a wild lady tonight. Even Bill, golden boy dad, was getting frustrated with her. He actually said something like "you are now pissing me off." It's about time. Welcome to my LONG day sweetpea!

So she is in bed and we are going to have dinner in our respective rooms with our respective tv's soon. YAY!

Sleep Ping, sleep:)


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