Saturday, March 22, 2008

We Play Hard!!!

"Honey, are you watching Ping in the family room????????? Honey??????? Hey Neesha, are you watching Ping in the family room?????? Hello, can anyone hear me in there?????
"Great job Neesha, I can see that you are making sure she doesn't poke anyone in the eye or throw her toys all over the room so mama does not have to pick them up later!!!!!"
Baba of the Year Awards will be given out when everyone wakes up!!! Does anyone do anything around here other than play????


Christina said...

I love how Ping sleeps anywhere... not to mention that Bill and Nesha are pretty cute, too!

Julie said...

I'm just amazed that she falls asleep anywhere! I wonder if she had a scheduled nap time in China or if she just played until she dropped.