Monday, March 24, 2008

It's only 11am!!

This day has sucked royally.

Yesterday was a decent day. We went to my friend Donna's house for Easter. Ping is in love with my Godchild Nicole, who is almost 14 and her best friend Alli! When we had to leave, we had a major meltdown followed promptly by passing out. When we got home, my dear friend Anita was here. She and Ping got to hang out for awhile. Bill started to go on a call, but came back within minutes. So Anita got to witness meltdown number two. It was a good day. Shayla was exhausted.

This morning I had an appt. for 8:15. I literally had to wake the little one. It was bad enough that she didn't want to get out of bed, but the worst part was that she was bathed in chocolate. Sweet hubby let her take her basket to bed with her. It had a little bit of chocolate in it. Bill thought he removed it when she passed out. He didn't. I did. However, I had no clue she had chocolate in the bed with her. So she rolled around in chocolate eggs. She was covered as were her pajamas and the bedding! I was NOT happy. She did NOT want to get up. So I had to dress an uncooperative toddler and wash her down.

So we pile into the truck and take off. When we get home for a 9:30 appt., the phone is ringing, I am trying to clean the truck, a woman is at the door and Ping is running around. I let the woman in, the phone call was Ping's doctor calling with results of all the testing. She needs a vitamin, I can deal:)

So I get off the phone and talk with the Early Intervention Specialist. Meanwhile, Ping goes into the bathroom while I am talking with the woman. She took a gigantic poop in her Pull Up. It was up and down her legs, all over her clothes, all over her shoes, in the kitchen and the bathroom. I am trying to clean her, not gag and talk from a distance. After the woman left, I had to wash the floor over and over as it CRUSTED! I was beside myself!

A short time ago, Ping tipped over the wet cat food. I am so ready to go back to bed. This day does NOT rock! Can I open the door and see if she will wander outside? I just want to tie her to a tree so she can stay out of trouble!!!!!!! I hear it's illegal to do that.

I know everyone warned me about this. I must have downplayed it in my mind. I must have. Maybe I should invent a big POO kit, so everyone who wants a child can try it out first. For cheap money, I will come over and spread poo on EVERYTHING. I am really here to help out those people who insist of having children. Can you imagine the thank you notes pouring in after? "YOU SAVED MY LIFE, THANK YOU!!!!!"

My best friend was just on the phone laughing. She has been there. Ha, Ha, Ha! I DON'T CARE. I AM THERE NOW! Come help me clean. That is what best friends do!!! NOPE!

Pray for me.


Monica said...

I am so sorry. That's awful. I had never heard of a child doing this before. Reese pooped in her pullup once (got too busy playing) and pulled it off and in the process got it every where. That's the only awful poop experience we've had. I feel bad for you, but the good news is: she'll be potty trained some day. :)


Every Day is a Party! said...

Poo Happens! (BTDT)

Christina said...

Everyone may have warned you, but I've never heard of someone having quite as many Poo Adventures as you!