Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Balmy 27 degrees today

Okay, maybe not balmy but it really felt warm since having the really cold temps a few days ago.

I seem to be blogging every 2 days. Not sure why that is. I was trying to do it daily, but some days I don't have anything to say. Some weeks I don't have anything to say! I will say that we spent the day with our friend Trisha and her two children yesterday. We don't seen them often as they live in Mansfield which is an hour from us. Since yesterday was a no school day, it worked out for us. We went to their house and just hung out and chatted. Julia and Ping played dress up. Julia is nearly 11, so she loves to parade Ping around in the latest get up and Ping just loves it!!!! Trisha has a Wii. I have never seen one before. I knew what it was, but I have never actually seen one in someone's home. So Trisha demonstrated a few things for us. It was hysterical. Ping and Bill got on to do some of the stuff to. I got on, but it didn't like me. Leave it at that! LOL.

Today we stayed in. We had plans, but they were canceled. I had a ton of things to do here, so it worked out well. I also wanted to catch some of the Inauguration. Ping made it difficult, but I was determined to see them walk in and take their oaths. I watched some of Obama's speech, but not the whole thing. I am curious to see how things change over the years. I can only hope that things get better for us all.

I did some cleaning, filled out a big hour long questionnaire that I had to do and put some pictures in some frames. I still have some more things to do, so I am going to go do them now! Man, I wanted to take a nap today! No rest for me!

Mama Out!!!!

Very small photos, sorry. You can click on them and make them bigger. Us at the ranch:)

Me and Mabel.

Me waving while walking on Mabel.

Bill and Otis.

Snowbunnies. Bill calls me Cookie Monster in this coat. What a guy, no?

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Christina said...

I'm so proud of you for trying this! and, of course, I'm glad you survived the room. ;)