Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold and snow

Despite not wanting to head out in the cold, we needed to get several errands done, so we headed out in the morning yesterday. We went to the post office and applied for a passport for Ping. They took two original documents from me to do so. It gets sent away with the application. Those documents are like the "Hope Diamond" and nobody should touch them!!!!! I didn't have a choice though. They should keep them safe, right? They are the people who issue passports, so they should be trustworthy! We also headed to the Chinese market, Pier One, Bobs Stores, Staples, Target and Ocean State Job Lot. We were very tired and hungry by the end of the day. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and then headed home. I promptly passed out after putting some of the stuff away. Bill then passed out. Ping watched TV while we laid there dead asleep!!!! She is such the Energizer bunny. I got up because I wanted to watch a 9 pm movie on Hallmark. I woke Bill and he and Pingster went to bed for the night. I watched two movies and then headed there myself.

Today we were going to go visit our dear friends Anita and Robo, but it was snowing heavily both here and at their home. They live an hour away from us. We decided to stay here due to the potential messy drive. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing them!

It ended up being a great day for getting things done so I feel better tonight. I got six new photo albums filled. It took me hours. I also made out some Chinese New Year cards, hung some decorations and cleaned up some stuff and put other stuff where it belonged. I love having a day where I accomplish something!!!!! Now I am waiting on Bill to return from a call. It's snowing here. I will go to bed as soon as hubby reappears. I usually always stay up when he is on calls.

That is all for now! Hope you are well!!!!

Mama Out!!!!!!

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