Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas party with other adopted children

Some of the children, not all. Social workers best friend in the light Ping and social workers daughter in the green. Some of there girls are from China. Some domestic, some Guatamalan. No boys got in the picture. Not sure how that happened.

Smaller group. Maddie, the little one in the red outfit on her Mama's lap is so precious.

Playing Pass the Stocking. Only person that couldn't pass the stocking was Ping. Yeah, she had to literally open it to see if there was anything for her. She got out of the game quickly with that passing style!

Waiting to see Santa.

Twirling in her dress.

I LOVE PANDAS!!!!!!! She is the only one to say something into the mike and that is what she said. The whole room cracked up laughing!!!!

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Christina said...

I knew from the start she would be comfortable with a microphone!